Recent Reviews: Dreams Punta Cana

Rest assured, we are reading our reviews.  And, we want you to know how valuable they are to us as a resort.  So many great suggestions are made within reviews and we are constantly listening and learning from your on-site experiences.

Kudos to Dreams Punta Cana for getting some recently stellar reviews on We wanted to thank Tigger333 (a TripAdvisor handle) for her review on May 12th (excerpts below).  It means a lot to the team at Dreams Punta Cana!  Hope to have you back soon.

Posted May 12, 2009 on TripAdvisor…

“My children and myself were at your resort, until yesterday (May 09/09), for the last week. We came for a wedding, but earned an incredible new family.

This was our first trip ever, and with a wedding for the reason we even went, we are so full of additional memories thanks to your resort and staff. Everyday was a new experience, full of delight and surprizes, from the moment we opened our eyes to see peacocks walking on our patio, to the song of the parrots that put us to sleep each night.

Your entertainment staff leave nothing to be desired. My children were encouraged to play in all the pool side games, no matter their experiences. Your wait staff, pool side and in the restraunts, are an example that every establishment should follow. Your hotel staff are incredible and outstanding in every way possible. It was a delight to every person smiling, every day, everywhere … your entire team are obviously very happy and enjoy their jobs.”

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