Family Fun: Behind the Mask

When the weather does not cooperate with the outdoor
activities that traditionally Masks 2keep your kids busy all day,
don’t worry. Here is a craft idea from the Explorer’s Club for kids at Dreams Villamagna Nuevo Vallarta.

Mayan Paper Masks
All you need to create a Mayan Mask is a few pieces of construction paper, child safe scissors, a glue stick and some miscellaneous items to decorate the mask.

With help from an adult, kids can cut out a their mask shapes or use one of the many templates available online. After cutting out the basic shape and holes for the eyes, nose and mouth, it is time to start decorating. There are a million different ways to decorate a Mayan mask, but here are some materials you might want to consider: crayons, colored pencils, chalk, charcoal, markers, paint, fabric scraps, glitter, ribbon, sequins, string, yarn, tissue paper and feathers.

Once the mask is fully decorated, it is time to decide how the mask is to be worn. If you prefer the mask on a stick, similar to the Masquerade mask, simply attached a Popsicle stick, pencil or straw to one side of the mask using tape. If you like the look of a mask that is worn around the head, we recommend using a strip of construction paper glued from the right to the left side of the mask, as the strap. Using string or elastic may rip the paper mask.

Do you have additional tips for making Mayan paper masks? If so, share the information by leaving a comment.

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