Vacationing with Teens

Does your family vacation with teenagers turn into week of arguing and attitude, instead of fun and relaxation?

Here are some helpful tips from the staff at Dreams La Romana Core Zone Teens Club to make your next family vacation a happy one.

Balance the day with downtime and activities. Many young adults don’t like spending the entire day lounging by the pool or on the beach—activities are key to keep them from boredom. On the other hand, you need to give your teen time to relax, so don’t fill the entire day with a string of activities.

Give your teen some space. Teenagers do not want to be chained to their mom and dad the entire vacation. Many resorts, including ours, offer teen specific clubs that allow them to cut loose and spend time with other teens. Our Core Zone Teens Club offers nightly entertainment including mixers and bonfires, a snack bar serving non-alcoholic drinks and food, and a vast array of daily activities.

Food is a great pacifier. Teenagers seem to always be hungry, so make sure your teen is getting plenty to eat because a decrease in blood sugar levels equals an increase in attitude. Make sure your teens know all of the food options available, so they can easily snack when they want.  Even if your kid is snacking all day, don’t forget to schedule a family dinner or lunch that will allow your whole family to regroup and discuss the day’s activities.

Hopefully these tips will help to make your next family vacation an enjoyable one!

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