Trash the Dress (TTD)

Trash the Dress (a.k.a. TTD) is the latest destination wedding photography phenomenon.  Michael Roney of the Wedding Photojournalist Association described it best….

“A bride in a beautiful white wedding dress stands by a large hole several hundred yards into the jungles of Mexico. Followed by her immaculately clothed groom, she descends a ladder into the darkness, eventually entering the waist-high water on the floor of a Cenote cave. Flying bats veer crazily by her face, causing her to shriek, as she and her groom make their way toward a sort of island in the middle of a cavern, her dress dragging in the water. As they reach their goal, they step into a beam of light from the cave roof, and then strobes pop as photographers begin snapping pictures while the bats continue to swoop around them.

The result: Stunning, otherworldly photos unlike any of the shots produced at their wedding two days earlier; photos that express the couple’s personalities through a setting that may have been inconceivable in the past. And yet it works; the bride and groom’s love and dedication starkly highlighted and amplified in a mind-blowing, once-in-a-lifetime scene. The wedding dress may have gotten a little…um, trashed, but it was well worth it. After all, these moments will last forever through the photos.”

Of course, not all TTD sessions require a blind leap of faith into an underground cave.  Many times, gorgeous TTD photos can be captured right at the resort.  Often shot the day after the actual destination wedding (for obvious reasons…), TTD photo shoots are becoming increasingly popular.

The fabulous Lincoln & Lori of Moments that Matter Photography have passed along some of their favorite TTD shots captured at Secrets Maroma Beach, Dreams Tulum and Dreams Cancun.  We thank them for sharing these gorgeous pics of this new trend!

Nicole & Brian’s Wedding at Secrets Maroma Beach



Chantal & Nathan’s Dreams Tulum Wedding



Tatiana and Alex’s Destination Wedding at Dreams Cancun



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