Dominican Rum

Dreams Punta Cana Rum Tasting

Dreams Punta Cana

Guests at Dreams Punta Cana were treated to a late afternoon rum history and tasting class as part of the resort’s Sharing Dreams program. As the national drink of the Dominican Republic, rum is a great way to learn about the history and culture of the Dominican Republic.

Rum has been distilled in the Dominican, since Christopher Columbus first brought sugarcane from Spain in one of his first trips to the New World. Today, Dominican Rum is recognized as the oldest in the Americans and also appreciated for its unique flavor and smoothness. This genuinely unique flavor and texture, comes from the natural process distillation and to its aging in special American white oak kegs.

Guests at Dreams Punta Cana were treated to a rum tasting, an overview of how rum is part of traditional customs, as well as local dancing and music. It looks like the most fun history lesson I have seen!

Rum Tasting

Rum Tasting

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