Countdown to Opening: Less than 24 hours!

With less than 24 hours till opening, we are pleased to show all our readers and guests that the resort is ready and waiting your arrival.  Check out this set of four pictures shot from our Seaside Grill.  You’ll see that the tables are set, the towels are waiting on lounge chairs, the beach is pristine and the pool is ready!  Even better, check out the sky – beautiful weather awaits!


5 thoughts on “Countdown to Opening: Less than 24 hours!

  1. Thanks for sharing – these shots are gorgeous.

    My boyfriend & I will be there in just 25 days, and we cannot wait! Best of luck on the grand opening tomorrow!!

  2. This looks fabulous! My friend and I will be there in 5 weeks, 1 day and 21 hours. I am hoping we will not be the only non-couple guests, but it looks we aren’t really going to care once we get there. How could we not enjoy this?! We can’t wait, and look forward to all the fun surprises you have in store for us 🙂

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