10 Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding

After planning over 1,000 weddings at various Secrets and Dreams Resorts & Spas, Claudia Cantillo, our wedding planner extraordinaire from Dreams Cancun, has tons of great tips to share. Here are her top 10 tips for planning a destination wedding.

  1. Save yourself some money. Few people realize that destination weddings are less expensive than traditional weddings. You’ll be able to combine the wedding and honeymoon for a much more affordable option.
  2. Relax before, during and after the wedding. Choosing a destination wedding means you’ll also have time for a mini-vacation. Most countries require couples to arrive a few days prior to the wedding day to finalize details and paperwork. After all this, you’ll have a few days to enjoy quality time with their friends, family and each other.
  3. Pick the perfect location.  It is best to decide on a location after you estimate the number of guests who will attend the wedding. This will help narrow your property search.
  4. Reserve early. Reserve rooms for the wedding party and guests as early as possible. The sooner the better.
  5. Make a budget and stick to it. Once you decide on a budget, it is important to keep track of all of your spending. Go over the budget with the wedding coordinator to ensure all your wedding needs are met while staying within your budget.
  6. Get help. An on-site wedding coordinator will ensure your wedding day is simply perfect. They’ll help organize, prepare and coordinate every detail leading up to your special day.
  7. Take some time for yourself. As newlyweds, you’ll be exhausted from the wedding. Take a few days to sleep in, slow down and rest.
  8. Keep everyone informed. Wedding websites are the perfect way to keep all of your guests informed about your big day. Include photos, addresses, directions, accommodations, travel information and other important information that will help your guests.
  9. Enjoy the great outdoors. Consider a wedding location with outdoor options. Having an outdoor wedding gives you flexibility in the number of people you can invite and also offers spectacular views.
  10. Find the right package for you. All our resorts offer a variety of wedding and honeymoon packages. Each package provides an array of services and amenities tailored specifically for the bride, groom and newlyweds.



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