Win a Trip to Dreams Puerto Vallarta

We’re giving away a free trip to our Facebook fans!

Dreams Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa wants you to help them reach 4,000 Facebook fans.  In order to do so we need your help. This is where a free trip comes in! If Dreams Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa reaches 4,000 fans by April 26th, we will give away a free 3 night stay to one lucky fan.

Want to enter? Become a fan of Dreams Puerto Vallarta and post a comment on this blog post letting us know you are a fan! Unless you post a comment to this blog letting us know your are a fan, your entry will not be counted.

Also, don’t forget to recommend to your friends that they become a fan as well, so that we can reach our goal and give away a FREE three night stay!

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213 thoughts on “Win a Trip to Dreams Puerto Vallarta

  1. I can’t wait for our vacation in 2 weeks!! i’m a huge fan. thanks for the oppurtunity to go for free!

  2. Winning a trip would mean everything to me!! My Fiance and I are on a search for a honeymoon location and this resort would be our FIRST choice!! It’s just a bit out of our budget..if only we could win some nights!!! The reviews, pictures, and comments about this resort just blow us away!!

  3. Dreams PV is my favorite place in the whole world!!!! I’ll be back at Christmas but I’d love to make that sooner if you could arrange it! 😉

  4. Dreams Puerto Vallarta is the most wonderful resort. Too bad I am a student and cannot afford to go back right now 😦 Hello to the Entertainment crew from the Reid Family. 🙂

  5. We are going on our honeymoon in June at Dreams- Puerto Vallarta! We are super excited. We have friends who have been to that resort several times and have just raved about it. It is actually where they got married, and that’s what made us decide to go there for our honeymoon.

  6. I am a fan!! My fiance and i are coming here for our honeymoon june 2011!! We can not book in advance any longer than 1 year so as soon as we hit the year mark we are booking! We would love a chance to check it out!

  7. I’m a fan, we were there last week, we had a wonderful time, but my son has to stay in his room for 3 remaining days, because he got lots of homework. We really have to go back and enjoy our holiday with my son…

  8. I am a fan on Facebook..had a vacation there two years ago and hoping to get there again soon! Eveytime we vacation we always compare where we are at to your resort!! Your resort is ALWAYS better.
    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this place!!!!

  9. We love Puerto Vallarta, but have never stayed at Dreams. Hope to, though! Most beautiful sunsets on the planet!

  10. have never been to Puerto Vallarta, would love to visit and I think it would be perfect to be there for the first time while staying at Dreams…stayed at Dreams Cancun for a week and it was wonderful, so if this resort is anything like there It would truly be a Dream. I am a fan

  11. We spent our Honeymoon at Dreams Puerto Vallarta…one of the best and most romantic trips we have ever had. We never got a chance to use the honeymoon suite because they were renovating that part of the hotel while we were there and we didnt find out until we got there. We love ALL of the dreams resorts and were inspired to visit another property Dreams Tulum in 09′ I am SO SO SO SO a fan of Dreams Puerto Vallarta on Facebook and would love a chance to go back to your resort! 🙂

  12. I have never been to Mexico and took my beautiful wife to Dreams/ Vallarta on our honeymoon. It was a week of pure bliss, my wife could not have been happier with the place I chose. We loved it so much, we went to Cancun the following year to take our 13yr old daughter on an Anniversary honeymoon and it of course, just had to be DREAMS! We are hoping someday to make it back to Dreams in Vallarta, a truly unmeasurable experience. All I have to do is mention Dreams and my wife smiles.

  13. I’m a fan! I went w/friends last X-mas. They’ve been raving about Dreams but I never wanted to go to an all-inclusive. They promised me the food would be great – and it was. On top of that, the staff and private beach were beyond compare.

    X-mas will be come an annual trip for me, but I couldn’t wait – so I’ll be back on May 29th and I can’t wait.

    I’m a fan – and I can always find time for an extra 3 day trip!!

  14. Dreams!!! Oh, I cannot wait to get back to Dreams in Puerto Vallarta, my husband surprised me with a dream honeymoon at your resort. It was absolutely the most wonderful time of our lives and the best way to start our lives together. To be able to go back would truly be a dream come true! I have you on Facebook just to have you a click away from my memories!

  15. My husband and I went to Dreams Resort for our honeymoon four years ago and still talk about the trip constantly! We are huge fans and can’t wait to return someday!

  16. My stay at Dreams Puerto Vallarta was the best vacation ever! We had a wonderful time and could not have asked for anything more. We especially loved Fernando and Cirilo, they went out of their way daily to make our vacation wonderful. We can’t wait to get back and see them! As soon as I can I will be back to Dreams, I can’t imagine going anywhere else! It is perfect!

  17. I’m a fan already and haven’t even experienced it firsthand!! Will on 4/15 though!!! I have heard nothing but good things about Dreams PV!! Can’t wait!!!

  18. I’m a huge Facebook fan and 2 time guest at Dreams PV. Last trip, brought along 14 friends just for fun. Fantastic get away and has become our anniversary celebration last two years!! Can’t wait to go back!

  19. I am a big fan and proof is that we are hosting our wedding weekend there end of May 2010!! 54 guests and counting!! Can’t wait 🙂


  21. We had the pleasure of staying at your beautiful property the first week of December. I have been to many AM Resorts, and this is my favorite. The service is amazing, the resort is just wonderful, I literally can not think of one thing to say needs improvement. I recommend it to all of my friends and family. It was the best trip to Mexico we have ever had, and we go at least twice a year! 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE Dreams Puerto Vallarta! Can’t wait to go again. 🙂

  22. My husband and I spent our honeymoon there last September and can’t wait to go back. We just had a discussion last night on when we will be returning. It’s a wonderful and comforting feeling to know that Dreams PVR is such a wonderful place and we never need to look for another place to stay. It’s the ONLY place we will stay. We are fans forever.

  23. My sister-in-law got married there in January and the whole family went. Everyone had a blast. It was gorgeous, great food, and plenty to keep us busy. Hopefully we can go back again soon!

  24. I visited your Dreams Puerto Vallarta this year! I am looking forward to returning with my husband and friends in February…. Dreams, the stuff that Life is Made of!

  25. I love Dreams PV!! I spent a glorious 2 weeks there in April 2008 for my destination wedding at Las Caletas. Twenty five friends and family joined my husband and I and everyone had a fantastic time. After a week, everyone left and my husband and I had a dream come true honeymoon. We are returning at the end of April with my parents and our 8 month year old daughter. I can’t wait! Dreams PV is the best resort I have ever been to.

  26. Stayed at Dreams in January and would LOVE to go again! (especially if it was free!!) It is an AWESOME place full of awesome people! I am a fan and have been recommending you since I got back!

  27. I am a huge fan of Dreams! I just had my honeymoon there in September and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. From the waitstaff to the medical team =)…wonderful

  28. I’m a fan already. My soon-to-be husband and I will be there for the first time in May for our honeymoon. We can’t wait!!!

  29. We were at Dreams Puerto Vallarta last week and LOVED it! Dreams is a wonderful resort where you feel pampered and spoiled! The sunsets are beautiful and the beach was great. We will definately be back!!

  30. We are fans:)!!!! Kind of an understatement tho..cause we LOVE this place!! We stayed in 2007 and fell in love. Since then we have stayed at Dreams Tulum & are trying Secrets Riviera Cancun in May. You guys spoiled us and now we cant stay with any other company:) Shout out to Alma (hope she is still there) She was amazing!!

  31. I am such a fan!!! My wife and I went there on our honeymoon in October 2006. We met some really great people who we are friends with still. I have told everyone I know about Dreams and how awesome it is. My wife and I would love to come back!!! We are trying to talk our in-laws into having their wedding there!!!

  32. I have to say that going to Dreams Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa was probably the best vacation I have ever taken. My husband and I will never go to another resort again. This is the place to go!

  33. My husband and I stayed at Dreams for our honeymoon in 2006 and we returned in 2007. We love it there and always look forward to going back! What a wonderful resort!

  34. We have stayed at Dreams in Puerto Vallarta and had a ton of fun hanging there with Alex and Carlos (staff). We have also stayed at Dream and Cabo and loved it. Looking forward to 3 nights free. That would be just perfect.

  35. We are HUGE fans of the Dreams Brand. Have booked our 9th visit to Dreams La Romana (formerly Sunscape Casa Del Mar), and have stayed at Dreams Punta Cana too. We are very interested in checking out the Dreams Mexico properties.
    Three day stay would be a nice start toward that.

  36. I am a fan of Dreams Resort and Spa Puerto Vallarta in Facebook. This place looks GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to go… seems like it’s a dream place to go to.

  37. I’m a HUGE fan! My friends and I have been wanting to plan a trip to Puerto Vallarta for a while now. Dreams Resort looks like a dream come true!

  38. My wife and I USED to travel all over. About 5 years ago, we visited Dreams PV. We’ve returned EVERY year since, and every time we go, we bring a new group of friend/family with us.

    We LOVE this Resort!

  39. Yes, I’m a facebook fan…I’m a HUGE Dreams Vallarta FAN!!

    I just returned and have been bragging about how great this resort is to EVERYBODY! We had such a wonderful time. Incredible food, friendly staff, beautiful resort, amazing beach, so much to do and see…

    If I win a free trip, I’m telling my entire familia to join me!! Sisters, brothers, in-laws, parents, grandparents, friends…EVERYBODY!!

    Muchas Gracias!!!

  40. Will be there may 24th for our 25th anniversary, We are already fans of PV and will be fans of Dreams for many trips to come.

  41. We visited Dreams PV in February – what a GREAT place!! The staff is wonderful and lots of activities going on. Excellent restaurants and drink service on the beach was awesome!! We left the resort a couple of times for excursions, but could not wait to get back! We stayed 6 days and did not want to leave. We are already planning our next trip to Dreams!!

  42. Pick us, pick us! We arrive there on 4/29/10 for our first stay with three other couples. We can’t wait. Thanks ~The Teals….

  43. I’ve always wanted to visit the Pacific coast of Mexico and I am a huge Dreams fan! I can’t wait to see it and a free stay would make it a DREAM!!!!!

  44. I just became a fan on facebook! We are coming to dreams Puerto Vallarta in Sept for our honeymoon!!! I cant wait!!!

  45. We have friends who said we MUST stay at Dreams if we go to Puerta Vallarta. Well, HERE WE COME! 🙂 ‘Can’t wait to start our much needed family vacation on Sunday. I’ve already got great, immediate feedback from the staff at Dreams- I AM ALREADY A FAN!

  46. Been a fan ever since you first took over from Camino Real (our first visit in July 2004!)–Fb since quite a while ago too!

    We’ll be back.

  47. Just became a fan on Facebook, with high hopes of someday making it to your resort. Hearing rave reviews from friends about their experience! Love to say I’ve been there but I’ve never been on a ‘vacation’ in my life, and believe me I could use one!

  48. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Dreams Puerto Vallarta. We just got back from a trip there. Great food, great staff, great weather! Our first trip was for a friends’ wedding in Feb 2007 and had a great time then too. If you’ve never been there……….GO!

  49. We got married at Dreams Tulum 2 and a half years ago and are heading to Dreams Puerto Vallarta for a belated 2 year anniversary soon…. can’t wait!!!

  50. I am a huge fan already just by looking at the pics! Hopefully my Husband and I will be able to visit some time this year for a very over due vacation!!

  51. I became a fan today. Want to take my family there after experiencing an amazing girl trip there. Although I would have to pay to extend it as three days would not be long enough.!!!

  52. I am a Big Fan. I love the Beach, Jungle, The Kids, ATV tours, Mayan ruin’s, the people, the staff! Everything. I’m a big fan.

  53. I am definitely a fan. My husband and I use vacations to get over the loss of our son who was killed in a car accident

  54. Just got back from an unbelievable week at Dreams Puerto Vallarta. I’m a single mom and I literally work seven days a week and this was my first vacation in over two years. We picked the perfect place to go. I have never been treated so wonderfully by every, single person there. Everything was beautiful beyond my expectations – and it was absolutely magical. I’m a huge fan!

  55. I am going to dreams puerto vallarta in june for five days to celebrate my four year anniversary with my girl friend and i cannot wait

  56. Hello, I’m a fan on facebook and I saw that you’re giving away a free trip, I would love to come and visit paradise again! please pick me !!

  57. One of your bigegst fan here too! I recommended Dreams to many friends and will keep doing so. Dreams is the best!

  58. We just got back from Dreams Puerto Vallarta on 12th June. We can’t wait to return. One of our best ever vacations!

  59. I’m a fan!!! My family and I will be there from Aug 10-17. We are realy looking forward to our first stay at Dreams PV.

  60. We were there the end of may and had a wonderful time. This was our second trip and it was even better than the first!! Can’t wait to go back!

  61. Was at Dreams the 2nd week of June to celebrate our 25th anniversary and our daughters birthday. This was our first trip but will not be our last. We brought 12 people with us and we had an awesome time. Best vacation ever! Would love very much to return.

  62. Never been but a Fan on Facebook! 🙂 We are looking for a place to go in the fall. I think I’ll have to recommend Dreams! 🙂

  63. Dreams!! I hope to visit Dreams..I have heard it was so wonderful! I have never been to Puerto, we would really love to visit you… : )

  64. We just booked a trip in August. So far we are very impressed with the staff and service in working out our reservation plans. Thanks to Mr. Bess and Ms. Flores for helping us to get our room situation squared away. We are very excited to be visiting in aprox 5 weeks.

  65. I’m a fan! My husband is currently deployed and I am planning a vacation for once this deployment is over. Winning 3 days would be awesome!

  66. eading down to dreams resort with a group of 3 families!! Stayed at Dreams in Cabo San Lucas and it was AMAZING! We know the Dreams Puerto Vallarta will be no different! See you soon!!!

  67. Have Dreams booked for one week this summer. Am so excited!! It’s our first visit and the reviews are awesome!!

  68. I visited Dreams Cancun last year and had the best vacation I have ever had! I am a huge fan of Dreams resorts and have decided to visit Dreams Puerto Vallarta in the Fall of this year. I know it will be another amazing experience!

  69. We went to Dreams PV last September and loved Dreams and PV. Loved it so much that we are getting married there this September. It’s going to be a great time!

  70. Thanks everybody for leaving your comments. We’re keeping track of your names for the prize drawing!! Tell your friends to register too!!

  71. Best experience I have ever had! I can’t wait to go back! We are going to be back next year and for longer this time! 🙂

  72. Will be there in just a few weeks!! I’ve gotten even more excited for our trip since I became a fan and read all past guests great reviews!! Can’t wait! See you sooooon! 🙂

  73. Iam a fan of dreams puerto vallarta, hopefully coming out in November this will make 4 years in arow . Dreams you rock best vacation place

  74. Stayed at dreams puerto vallarta in june, had the most amazing time with my girlfriend and would love to return I am a fan on facebook and check in on whats going on with the resort frequently

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