We Want You Back at Dreams Punta Cana!

As I have said many times before, here at Dreams Resorts & Spas, we love our guests that come back each year. We love to see the same faces for a second, third, fourth and fifth stay.

Dreams Punta Cana is one of our resorts that consistently welcomes repeat guests, and we thought it was time to honor those dedicated fans. What better way to celebrate them than by giving away a free vacation? We couldn’t think of anything better, so we are going to pick one lucky repeat guest to receive a complimentary 3-night return stay to Dreams Punta Cana. What’s even better is that during this stay our special guests will be treated to VIP service and a private breakfast with our management staff. We will even send them home with a special keepsake album!

All you have to do to enter our vacation giveaway is post a comment on this blog post, letting us know a little something about a previous stay with us—funniest moment, favorite thing about the resort, best memory from your vacation. Also, become our fan on Facebook so that your entry can be counted! You can become our fan at www.facebook.com/DreamsPuntaCana

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79 thoughts on “We Want You Back at Dreams Punta Cana!

  1. My husband and I came to Dreams Punta Cana nearly 2 years ago! We had never been to the Dominican before! We were a bit unsure on the journey there but once we got to the resort it was fabulous! Prior to our visit we had requested a sea view room but then of course once we got there found out that not many rooms are sea view. We did however move rooms and the staff at Dreams were so kind and helpful! It was so hot (in October!) and we were struggling but the helpful staff did everything they could to make us comfortable. We stayed a week and it was complete and utter bliss! I would highly recommend Dreams! There is something for everyone and if you want a truly relaxing holiday, this is it! We are planning to come again later in the year! Can’t wait!

    Thanks for giving us a truly amazing holiday!

  2. My stay at Dreams was nothing short then amazing. It was my first tine out of Canada and I couldn’t have picked a better place to go. I have recommended it to all my friends that are thinking about going away on a vacation. One of my favorite parts was the food in the restaurants. The staff was amazing there. so friendly. I also really enjoyed the beach Olympics. The shows were also awesome. I LOVED dancing in the disco it was the icing on the cake. Can’t wait until I can book my next vacation there 😀

  3. Hi,

    I stayed at DPC in May of ’08 and despite a rocky start to our trip (missed flight and lost luggage) we had a blast there. We had a swim out room a short stroll through the pool to see my favorite staff member at DPC, Wilson at the pool bar. Our group of friends spent many hours every day hanging out and conversing with this super great guy, I hope he’s still there. Every meal during the week was great! We ate most lunches at Oceana or Seaside and had dinner at each of the other restaurants during our stay. I cant remeber if it was Oceana or Seaside, but my wife’s favorite staff member was Johhny-5 with his table-side “Sexy Coffee” presentation; excellent coffee and a great show as well. From check-in to check-out we thuroughly enjoyed our stay and hope to one day come back to DPC.

  4. We have been to Dreams Punta Cana 3 times now and we just returned from there on March 31st. The first trip was a 4 day/3nite stay to try a new resort. The second trip was 7 nites with 3 other couples that we had met in St Lucia. This last trip was with 2 other couples. Every person we have brought to Dreams Punta Cana has fallen in love with the resort and the staff.
    I have many fond memories of our visits to DPC but I think being recognized by at least 10 staff members and be greeted with hand shakes and hugs has to be the best. On our first day ,Sandra came running out from behind the beach bar to hug my wife and I. A year later and they still remember us. Dreams really grows on you. Cant wait to get back…Kenny

  5. My boyfriend and I visited last August. We are in university, so it was nice and relaxing to get away before the school year started. We had a blast while there, we participated in all the different activities and ended up getting about 27000 dreams dollars. We wanted to get the massage at the auction but were unable to get it. We ended up giving the majority of our money to a single mom and her two young daughters.

  6. I first went to Dreams Punta Cana in March 2009 with a friend of mine. It was suggested by our travel agent.
    I fell in love with the Dominican people and the culture because of the amazing service I received at the resort.
    We booked 2 day trips off the resort so that I could learn more about this culture.
    When I got home from my vacation, I felt home sick being away from Dreams……so I booked another trip in June 2009. This time I went by myself.
    The staff was so nice to me in the buffet while I was eating alone. Some came and sat with me and were always so amazing to chat with. They made me feel very comfortable.
    The beach is amazing and so is the pool area with all of the fun things planned to do.
    Also, being able to grab a piece of fresh fruit on the way to the beach is also a great little benefit.
    I was recently in Jamaica and all I could do was compare the resort to Dreams.
    I can’t wait to go back. I think about Dreams all the time and love the Facebook Fan Page so that I can look at pictures and read other Dreams visitors comments.
    It makes me feel at home again.

  7. I have been to Dreams twice, once in November and two years ago when it was Sunscape. My favorite time was this time to be completley honest. I’m a teenager so it was fun because I met a few other people here at the core zone which was a lot of fun. We didn’t have to ask our parents if we could go anywhere which was great, we could go eat and go to the pool which was awesome. Our favorite spots to hang out were the core zone, the ice burg (which was a great addition the pool instead of being at the beach where it used to be) and the beach. The water was amazing at the beach too. Overall, this was the best vaction I have ever been on, and I am not just saying that. The workers there were so friendly and really made the vacation fun, especially the ones at the core zone, I think their names were Wilbert and Mr. Wander. I really like dreams, the staff is great and friendly and it’s great for all ages, honestly.

  8. I still dream about Dreams since our trip this past November. This was our first trip as a family with our little ones so we were a little nervous but that quickly diminished when we saw how beautiful the resort was, yummy the food was and how much fun in the sun we had. Our best experience was with the staff! Truly amazing people who took the time to get to know our children (2 and 4 years) and made a point of coming to say hi to them all the time. While there my son celebrated his 4th birthday and the resort provided a cake and balloons for him. One of the ladies at the Kid’s Club knew that he was afraid to leave us and come into the club but she knew he REALLY wanted one of their hats so before we left she came and found us and presented our son with a hat. He was over the moon and still wears his hat all the time with a BIG smile on his face 🙂 We also forgot to bring a battery for my son’d b-day present that we brought for him and it wasn’t sold at the resort. One of the ladies who knew my son went after her shift that evening when she was to be home with her family and bought us a battery for my son’s gift. Now THAT is customer service. Long reply but just wanted to say that HANDS DOWN the truly amazing people that work at Dreams are what make the experience amazing and makes us want to come back soon!!

  9. We went last July for our first couples’ only vacation with our dear friends. After hearing us talk about it so much, other people think that we will be making it an annual event. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to go this year unless we are the winners of this drawing. If that is the case, we will certainly be giving Dreams a lot more free advertising as we will again be talking about how much we love it. We have an album full of photos of our relaxing week in the Dominican. Thanks to your hard working staff for all they do!

  10. Ola! My sister and I stayed at Dreams Punta Cana this past March and it was perfect to say the least. We booked our trip after reading nothing but great reviews, and to be honest, I dont ever want to go on another vacation if is not at Dreams Punta Cana. The staff is AMAZING! The food was unbelievable! The weather was great! We still cant stop talking about this resort to everyone we know!! One of my sisters co-workers booked her trip to Dreams Punta Cana after she heard what a fabulous time we had. Also, one of my moms co-workers (who had been there before) also booked a trip to Dreams Punta Cana after she found out we had booked there, she was so jealous. Cant say enough good things about Dreams and cant wait to go back!

  11. Our first trip to the D.R. was in 2007 at a different hotel. In 2008 our daughter was graduating from college and we let her pick a new resort out in the D.R. for a graduation gift. She picked Dreams! While there she met the love of her life and married him last July-of course at the resort! We were back at the resort 4 weeks ago for the fourth time and once again had a wonderful vacation! We feel like the staff is part of our family and nothing would please us more than to see them again!!

  12. On our first trip to Dreams Punta Cana was 2 years ago, and a cover story for my proposal to my now wife. I took her down to the beach at 6:30 a.m on Saint Patricks day to watch the sun rise…and then I proposed in Gaelic! What an awesome moment! The rest of our trip was fantastic, by far the best staff anywhere we have been.
    A year later we returned to Dreams for our honeymoon, and man did we have a ball! Many of the staff remembered us…and by name at that! Duringthis stay it also happened to be my 30th birthday. The staff at BORDEAUX surprised me with a cake…and singing Happy Birthday in Spanish!
    Ca’t wait to return again!…and again!

  13. Hello!
    We vacationed with our family at Dreams in July 2009, with about 20 of our friends. This was our first trip to the Dominican Republic, and we LOVED it! Weather was hot and sunny, and very dry! The entertainment staff was wonderful! Shows were great! Lots of food to choose from. LOVED many of the island drinks too! It was great to experience the freshly cut fruit everyday under that really neat tree. I found out I liked mango’s and sugar cane too! And the women cutting the fruit with those knives were something too. I know I wouldn’t have any fingers left if I had to use that. The room service always made something special out of the towels, and my kids thought that was so cool. Everyone was so welcoming, and was very genuine….really great service, really great resort!

  14. My husband and I visited Dreams Punta Cana for our honeymoon in July 2009. It was the most relaxing vacation we have been on. The food was fantastic and the resort grounds were beautiful and very well kept. I can’t say enough about the staff. Our favorite part was relaxing by the pool and enjoying the pool staff and all the activities. The shows were great and we also had fun dancing in the disco. Everyone went out of their way to make us feel at home and completely welcome. The staff is what really made our vacation enjoyable. I would not hesitate to return to Dreams Punta Cana and have told everyone about our trip. We still talk about the wonderful time that we had. If we could afford the trip this year we definitely would be returning. You almost feel part of a big family after visiting Dream Punta Cana. Thanks again for the wonderful time.

  15. OLA!!
    I’m a single mom with kids, when my parents ask me to go on trip with them I thought to myself – I can’t leave my kids for that long I’ve never been away from them, but decided to go as it was my dad’s 60th B-Day, and my whole family was going. When we arrived at the resort the staff Welcomed us and I could already tell that I would have a good time,and I DID. The entertainment team was AWESOME (and I really miss them ;)) The food was excellent, I had to have their pizza everyday,lol. The shows were just mesmerizing. I also miss the Dominican viagra MAMAJUANA.I would LOVE to go back so PLEASE Dreams Punta Cana make my dream come true. I want another dreams vacation!!!!! xo

  16. Every year, my mother and I take a trip together, one year while waiting at the airport to go to mexico, my mother was easdropping, ( don’t tell her I told you that) lol on a Priest talking to a large group of people about their upcoming trip to Punta Cana, never hearing of this place she approached the priest to ask him where that was, and he said it is paradise, and to make a trip there as soon as we can.

    That was almost 10 years ago and we have been to Punta cana almost every year since, I guess that’s called devine intervention.. I have been to many resorts, and Dreams Punta Cana Is my Favorite, we traveled there August of 2009, and had the time of our lives, MY mom is very special to me, and I cherish our trips together..

    We loved the food, the bartender by the pool that would make my favorite drink every day, and especially the entertainment team that got me up and moving even when I thought I didn’t want to.. Thank you Dreams… Love, Debbie

  17. My husband and I honeymooned at Dreams Punta Cana in October. We couldn’t have asked for a more special week. Since our return, we have been dreaming of Dreams.
    I can’t even count the number of times that we’ve wished The World Cafe was only steps away. Or how many times we’ve wanted to grab a martini and watch the evening show! Dreams has left a lasting impression on us.
    For Christmas, the last gift my husband opened was a kit to make our very own Mamajuana. Although it’s not the same as getting it at the Manatee Bar, it brings a little Dominican Culture to our home!
    Thank you Dreams for the experience of a lifetime!

  18. My husband and I went to Dreams Punta Cana for our honeymoon. What an amazing trip! We had a week of beautiful weather and amazing service.
    I think my favourite memory of the trip was the first day. We arrived around noon and the resort looked like paradise. I remember as we were being taken to our room, there was an employee cutting the coconuts that were falling fresh off the trees on the yard. There was another employee serving fresh mango and pineapple. The resort flamingos were right outside our room. We named them Frick, Frack, Fred and Parameceum (don’t ask, haha). Our honeymoond suite was beautiful and we had our first piece of “towel art” (we were very excited to see what we’d get each day). It just seemed like everything that day was so perfect and an amazing way to start the trip! Each day after that was also fantastic! We loved floating around in the pool or relaxing on the beach with a drink. We also got a couples massage and body wrap, which was so relaxing and felt so good! I kept a journal of all the things we did each day and saved one of the incense sticks that was in our room. Everytime I open the journal to remember the great times, I smell the unmistakable smell of our room and it makes me happy! Thanks Dreams, for making our honeymoon so unbelievably amazing!

  19. We just returned home from our 8th stay at Dreams Punta Cana and again it was the most EXCELLENT vacation! We have been coming to this resort since November 2005 and each time we visit, our experiences have exceeded our expectations. The staff is truly friendly, wonderful and can never do enough to make sure that all of your needs are met. The Preferred Club offers the highest level of service-Nick, Vanessa, Adrian and Elizabeth – mucho gracias! The entertainment team, managed by Jose Tolentino, is INCREDIBLE!!! They are the stars of this resort- Rolando, Julio, Isabelle, Tupac, Glenda, Hector, Wilbert, Melvin, Bernardo, Polo and Francisco are full of energy and there is never a dull moment when they are present. We always enjoy the nightly shows, and the dancers are some of the best I have seen- especially Harvey and Julie. The food and beverage staff also go the extra mile- many thanks to Mr. Juan Garcia!!!! The employees at the restaurant are always very attentive- Carlos, German, Margarita, Luis, Rosa, Caesar, Jerry, Odelis- just to name a few always made sure we had incredible dining experiences. Marilyn, Vicki and Claribel at the Explorer’s Club are great with the children.
    This stay we celebrated our daughter’s birthday, and everyone at Dreams went the extra mile to make sure Kayla celebrated in the most wonderrful way. It was also so much fun to see the Easter Bunny arrive on the beach via boat and then lead the children on an egg hunt.
    I could write pages about our many great experiences at this resort, and we recommend it highly to anyone who wishes to visit Punta Cana.
    Not only is Punta Cana, DR a beautiful place, but the people are genuinely kind and graceful. It is because of this that we keep going back.
    Staying at Dreams Punta Cana is not only a vacation, it truly is like you are returning home!
    Thank you and mucho gracias to all, for making this our best visit yet!

  20. My family and In-laws stayed for 2 weeks this last Christmas and it was the most wonderful vacation we have had. From the great winding pool to the fabulous kids club ( my favorite part) it was the best. I would love a chance to check all it has to offer without my kids and mother in-law. I’m sure it would be even “dreamy-er”.

  21. My daughter was married at Dreams in January. We had 47 guests attend the wedding and it was everything we hoped for! My husband and I would love to return to Dreams with out whole family to celebrate our 35th Anniversary next year!

  22. About a year ago, I was looking for a location for our destination wedding. We didn’t have any idea of where we wanted to get married. All I knew is I wanted to get married barefoot on a beach. I couldn’t have gotten luckier to find the Dreams website. I knew nothing about the Dominican Republic or even heard of Dreams resorts. But the pictures were beautiful and they had a beach that I could walk down the isle on. So we booked it. As the time got closer and closer for our wedding date (March 11, 2010), I got more and more nervous. I checked review after review and watched peoples comments of Facebook. I was afraid I picked the wrong place for all of our family to stay at for our wedding. Thankfully person after person shared there amazing reviews and told amazing stories of their stay. And upon arrival, my fears were calmed after stepping foot off the shuttle. What a beautiful place and amazing staff. We had the time of our lives. We had 25 of our family members meet us there and not one person had a complaint. They all said they want to come back. We were treated like royalty the ENTIRE time! Our wedding was truely the wedding I dreamed about. I can’t wait to return for our anniversary!!!!!!!! See you soon!

  23. Dancing at the Dreams, Mar. 2010

    We had SUCH fun in the dance contest, “Dancing with the Guests” even though we didn’t win. Can you see me dancing Salsa in this pic with Nathaniel ? My partner John, danced the cha cha with Darianna. That was such a HOT, fun afternoon because we weren’t stressed over the dances or winning. We already knew how to do the dances.
    We went down to the theatre ( which was boiling) at 3 to work out routines. Then backstage they dressed us in THEIR costumes. I said, ” I’m 60, I can’t wear this sleasy, tiny thing” which was more slits than dress, so one of the team handed me some tiny boy short panties. I wore them both . We waited while they put on their costumes, jewellery and make-up, which we didn’t have there becaue we’d gone to the rehearsal in shorts.
    From there we went to the Oceanna to wait ( again still outside and boiling) and watch the contest. While the audience watched it they got to enjoy a DR rum tasting. The contest was fun and the E. staff was great!!!! The kids who won could throw their partners over & around them and through their legs and did a really good jive. GEE, we’d have injured ourselves. We went back to our room after 6, tired but thrilled; but without anything for entering & all the sweaty work and our time. You might think that Dreams could have given us something, a bottle of their rum since we didn’t get a taste there or their silly coupons ; ) Anyway, we did give them both a tip near the end of our stay to show them our thanks for the dances and the great shows. We didn’t want to win the dance contest or this one because of the flight complications but would really like to return for our second vacation to the wonderful Dreams Punta Cana and the DR one day!

  24. I stayed at Dreams in January 2010 with my daughter.Even now, when I can’t sleep, I lie in my bed, like I did in the warm waters at Dreams and think about the sun beating down, the palm trees swaying and the woosh of the waves on the shore. Before I know it my alarm is waking me up. Dreams acts as a sedative long after the holiday is over. Getting to share my Dreams experience with my only daughter shows just how blessed I really am. She’s in her 20s and making a nice life for herself. I’m not sure how much longer I will get to have her all to myself without friends, boyfriends, work and play taking up her time. We had such a wonderful time together laughing, eating, dancing and yes, drinking at Dreams Punta Cana. We never even left the resort – we had plans too but never followed through because everything we needed was right there. I would love to go back to reinvent the most terrific holiday I have ever had.

  25. We have stayed at Dreams Punta Cana 6 times and will be returning for our 7th time in Jan. We feel like we are returning home each time we arrive. It is so nice to see our friends, some of whom we remain in contact with throughout the year. They layout of the resort with restaurants on each end of the resort is very appealing. The long pool, the large beach with miles of beach to walk undisturbed. The walkway through the resort is so romantic at night. Excellent service, good food, great staff, lush landscaping, it is hard to expect any more. They remember our anniversary and always have something special for us. Vanessa is the Preferred Club manager who we have now known for years and she will just make you feel special. The resort managers have always been around to make sure your stay is going great. We see many of our favorite servers each year and they remember us a soon as we see them, usually running over to give us a hug. Just a hard resorts to not return to if you want a great, relaxing stay. To us this is more like our winter getaway with our friends. Just a great resort.

  26. I can honestly say that my vacation at Dreams Punta Cana was the best time of my entire life! It was so amazing I cried when I came home and have been itching to come back ever since. I travelled to Dreams for one week with my mother. The resort was gorgeous, the food was to die for, the beach was stunning… never a dull moment. Overall my mother and I agree that the entertainment team made our vacation. There was always activities , shows, or something new to experience. We got to dance, learn spanish, participate in the olympics, horseshoes, arm wrestling, hoola hooping, ice breakers… it goes on. But we were just so happy all the time. Thank you so much . We are definetly coming back!!!!!

  27. My honeymoon at Dreams Punta Cana was very memorable. I had so much fun. The barstaff at the Showtime Bar were phenomenal, we loved German and Arismandy. I will never forget them, or how wonderful they made our honeymoon!! I absolutely loved the show staff too, they were very outgoing and fun! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much delicious food. Overall our whole experience was amazing, and I give nothing but raves for fellow friends looking into vacation spots!

  28. My husband and I went to Dreams Punta Cana, last August we had the best time a person can imagine. The staff from all the restaurants were courteous and alwas helpfull. But the best was the pictures. These people are very professionals. The food, the casino, and the shows are the best. I’m waiting for the first opportunity to go back.

  29. i first came to dreams in december 2007 for the christmas period with all my family,there was 8 of us total. We loved it that much that i decided to come back with my partner in august 2008,the following year. Dreams is such a fantastic place with fantastic people,fantastic staff,and an amazing atmosphere. In august 2008 we actually had tropical storm fay for 2 days but even the weather couldnt dampen the spirits here. I then returned to dreams yet again in november 2009, for 2 weeks. This was the best 2 weeks we ever had! Games on the beach everyday, yoga in the morning, beach bbqs and who can forget the evening entertainment team! Dancers are out of this world! My best memory is in the nightclud one night after the show. The entertainment team were all there dancing along with everyone,and suddenly we were all doing the dance to michael jackson! It was so funny and the team made sure everyone was having fun! Dreams really is the perfect holiday,and i cant wait to return in december 2010, 8 months and counting! X x x x x

  30. I stayed at Dreams Punta Cana in November 2009 with my husband. We came for our nieces wedding. We had the best time of our lives. The resort was beautiful, the beach was fantastic and we loved the swing on our patio. We danced the night away in the disco and enjoyed all of our meals that were served by the most gracious staff I have ever met. I felt like I was royalty the entire week I was there. We spent most of our days floating around the pool or laying on the beach. It was truly paradise! We went to some of the shows and they were terrific. I loved the outdoor movie theatre and we even had fun just sitting around the lobby on the comfy couches. I got my hair done before the wedding at the spa, it looked amazing! I can’t wait to come back to Dreams Punta Cana and this time we will be bringing our children.

  31. My first trip to Punta Cana Dreams was in 2005(at that time it was Sunscape Beaches). After begging my husband for years to go on a vacation outside of the USA he finally gave in. He is an extremley picky eater and he just knew there was going to be nothing there he was able to eat . (boy was he wrong, I think we both gained 10 lbs on our first trip there!) Our very first evening there we had a wonderful dinner on the beach that was temporaily interrupted by a brief down pour of rain. I was in such awe of the resort , the romantic dinner and all the exceptionally attentive staff that we didnt even bother to run for cover from the rain. We just stayed and enjoyed the warm rain. Our first stay in 2005 was only 4 nights. I was heart broken to be leaving so soon. We returned in 2008 with 2 friends who have since been back with us 2 more times. In total we have visited 4 times and we are already planning our fifth trip back for 2011 to enjoy your wonderful superbowl on the beach party. We have not even thought of going to any other resort . Dreams Punta Cana is my home away from home and the staff is my second family! The entertainers have changed over the years but they all make the vacation 100 % fun! I miss you all and cant wait till next year!
    Debbie & Danny Ellis

  32. I don’t know if I have a favourite memory! I have so many!!!!

    One of the best nights was when we had someone to watch our little guy who was down for the night and my hubby and I went for dinner at the cafe. We had the best waiter (Kendry!) and we got those special coffees after we ate from ‘coffee boy’.
    He was so entertaining, along with another guy. They remembered us and always were silly and joked when we saw them!

    Everyone was crazy about our baby, which was so nice!

    I recommend the resort to everyone!!

  33. My wife and I celebrated our honeymoon at DPC almost one year ago. We had an amazing time during our visit! We both agree that the best part for us were the wonderful staff members. Everyone was very friendly and made us feel welcome. I would have to say that our server, Robert, and “Coffee Boy” were probably the highlights for my wife and me. Both remembered us everythime we wlaked into the restaurant and treated us as though we were famliy who stopped in for a visit. We have told many of our friends about DPC and the great time we had whiole visiting!

  34. I looooved my vacation at dreams punta Cana I had the time of my life and would go again In a heartbeat. I don’t even know what the best part was there were soooo many like sitting by the pool all day or going to the beach. I went snorkling and kayaking wish was amaazing ! I also loved the club dance and how I got to see it all the time ! The beach partys were amazing and the service was great I never had an empty glass or a frown on my face 🙂 can’t wait to go back !!!!! Love you all ❤

  35. my vacation to dreams punta cana were just amazing ! I was with my little brother and my father and we had so much fun! We were there between march 4th -march 11th. To be honest, I have gone to a lot of places and I would recommended to dreams to all of my friends because the place is so beautiful, the beach, the rooms are clean, the restaurants are very good, and you can’t ask more for the activities. Of course, I had a very good time with the staff like Francisco, Rolando, 2 pac and wilbert. Also, the shows were very good and we really enjoyed them. I really hope we will be back because like I said we had a very good time and we know that all the people there works very hard, and that’s why the place is wonderful. seriously, best place ever , my dream would be to go another time. 🙂

  36. My husband and I stayed at your resort in October 2009 for our honeymoon!!!! It was amazing from Day 1! We loved that as soon as we got off the shuttle bus the resort staff said, “welcome home!” And that is exactly how we felt….like we were home! Our favorite memory was our romantic candle-lit dinner on the beach and our couples massage! Amazing! They looked so great and romantic in the brochure/website but we thought can it really be like that? And it was!!! Dreams exceeded our expectations!!! When we come back we are definitely getting massage and romantic dinner on the beach (unless that is only for honeymooners).

    We also met 4 other couples that were on their honeymoon also! We called ourselves the 10-10 club (all married on 10-10-09) We spent much of our time with our new friends!!!

    Thanks so much Dreams Punta Cana! You are amazing!!!!

  37. Kids Already Asking When We Can Go Back

    This February marked our THIRD return to Dreams Punta Cana. We have our favorite building (9) and our favorite Explorer’s Club activity (Pirate Treasure Hunt) and our favorite drink (Banana Mama). Our kids (5 and 7) have such wonderful memories of their time at the Explorer’s Club that we don’t think we could go to any other place. They loved bull-riding, the mini-disco competitions and the ice cream parties. But mainly they loved Santa and Marilyn and the fantastic staff at the club. They also loved the inflatable iceberg at the pool!

    When we arrived home two visits ago, we discovered that our beloved blue teddy bear had been left behind. I emailed the Dreams staff and not only was he located, he arrived via FedEx a few days later.

    Dreams has all of the amenities of a big resort (spa, weddings, dinners on the beach), but the customer service and warm hospitality of a small resort. As we drove by other resorts on our return to the airport, I couldn’t help thinking of our blue teddy bear’s journey, and how that situation would have been handled by one of the mega-resorts. That is how loyalty is built, and is one of the reasons why we wouldn’t go anyplace else.

  38. It was our family’s first “all inclusive” vacation and also first Caribbean vacation… we could not choose better place to go. Me, my husband and 12 years old son went there last year in July. I was a little bit wary of the Dominican Republic in general. Not any more. The people here, at Dreams, are the nicest people on the Earth, so I can just assume that the rest of the country is the same. We really had the greatest time, and what is very important to me is that my son enjoyed it very much too. I can not single out one favorite thing here. Maybe it would be that great feeling of being welcome, like when you come to visit a dear friend. The only “problem” now is that in planning our next vacation we compare all other places to this one. And guess who wins? – We’ll be back…

  39. I have so many fabulous memories of Dreams Punta Cana – it’s so hard to choose, so I have listed a few below.

    Let me first say that I have been to Punta Cana 9 times in the past 6 years, to various resorts. We discovered Dreams in November and had such a great time, we came back in March. This will be our destination in Punta Cana from now on!! We love the location, the food and the amenities, but what makes Dream Punta Cana so special is the amazing staff that works on the resort. I travel twice a year to different islands, and have never experienced any staff that comes close. Your staff is your greatest asset.

    Part of what amazed me was the number of the staff member who remembered that I’d been there before. It shows how much they interact with the guests and get to know them.

    Favorite memories

    – having dinner in the Oceana – great dinner as usual. Wildy was working that night, making all those amazing after dinner coffees. He put on such a show! He had everyone laughing and clapping. We laughed until our sides hurt We couldn’t wait to finish dinner until it was our turn!! I wish we could post pictures here – I have some amazing shots of Wildy and his “coffee show”.

    – laughing and chatting with Jenny at the beach bar while she made us yet another amazing beverage. Just a lovely woman.

    – Dinner at the Mexican restaurant – wow…so much fun!! Our waiter was great – took tons of pictures for us.

    – The shows – what can I say – fantastic!!!!

    – The Disco – having the staff teach us to dance

    – This seems like a small thing, but it’s not…..just hanging out at the pools, bars, beach, etc and laughing and chatting with the staff on the resort – truly some of the friendliest, funniest and kindest people I’ve met n my travels!

  40. My husband and I went to Dreams Punta Cana for our Honeymoon in July of 2009. The resort is beautiful and the staff is friendly. I played horseshoes and I won! I loved going on stage to accept my prize. The beach party was awesome. My husband and I had a great time dancing! It was a fun and memorable experience:)

  41. I had an amazing time at Dreams a couple weeks ago. Went there with my lil sister and it was my first time in Republica Dominicana! 🙂 Wow what a gorgeous resort! I was amazed with everything, the service, the staff, the restaurants, it is like a dream 🙂 I would love to go again of course and hope to go back in a few months!! We made lots of friends we will cherish forever! Learnt a few dances at the disco and it was loads of fun! Made some memories that will last forever 😉 I was happy with everything from the minute i walked in the resort and shed a few tears when i left!lol All together, i would highly recommend it to anyone, best resort!***** Keep up the good work!! love you all!! xoxox

  42. My wife and I joined our niece and her boyfriend at Dreams in January this year. It was a cool, rainy week but it got vary warm when her boyfriend proposed to her during a dinner on the beach. We knew it was coming but it was hard to keep the secret. The look on our niece’s face when she rushed into our restaurant to show us the “surprise” is something I’ll never forget. The vacation was fine but a litttle stressed keeping the secret. I want to come back and just relax.

  43. The resort was absolutely beautiful and the people were the friendliest I have ever met. Everyone there went out of their way to make sure we have a great time.

    I can’t wait to go back!

  44. Our first visit to Dreams Punta Cana was March 2010 and we loved the pool, the beach, the restaurants and the staff. The Dominican Republic is our favorite destination and we have visited other Dreams previously (4 times). The food was the best we have ever had at al AI (DR or Mexico). Oceana had a fabulous menu and the staff was attentive, friendly and fun. Also enjoyed snorkeling from the beach, pool volleyball and just relaxing in the warm tropical breeze. I can’t imagine only staying 3 days – even a week goes by too fast at such a great destination 🙂 !

  45. My Blog will be regarding Service by Dreams personnel that went over and above the “call of duty”. I had arranged a romantic dinner for two on the beach for my “better half’s” birthday. The evening before her birthday we had dinner at Porto Fino…the Italian Restaurant at Dreams. As we enjoyed our dinner the maitre d overheard that it was Toni’s birthday the next day and spoke with the Head Chef. As we awaited our meals the Head Chef walked out and asked us to come back tomorrow for a “very special meal” that he would prepare “just for us”. Due to his kind gesture we cancelled our dinner on the beach and decided to take him up on his offer. It was the most amazing evening/meal/experience we could have ever hoped for! First off they gave us a beautiful table with wine and appitizers. Then the Head Chef walked out carrying two unbelievable steaks/meals and served us infront of everyone. After our meal they basically “shut the restaurant”…closed all the lights and brought Toni a cake led with candlelight as all their staff sang Happy Birthday. The entire restaurant chimed in to sing as well and Toni still hasn’t forgiven me for “putting her on the spot”…lol!
    The entire evening was amazing and something we have talked about with people many times. The staff were as friendly as family and made a special day…that more special!
    Thanks Again Dreams ans Everyone There…We truly hope to see you all again!
    Mark & Toni

  46. Our family of 4 enjoyed a week at Dreams Punta Cana. I cannot say enough great things about the resort – the room, pool, food, ocean but best of all the staff. These people are exceptionally kind and helpful. We had nothing but the best service from Nick and Elisabeth in preferred club, Yasiris and Carlos in the World Cafe and Marilyn, Clarabel and all of the ladies in the Explorer Club were absolutely amazing! We miss being there but hope to be back next year. You have to visit this resort just once to know what you are missing…..

  47. We just returned last night from our second trip to Dreams Punta Cana. It was just as wonderful this year as last. This is a beautiful resort on a gorgeous beach, but it is the staff that make this resort so amazing! They are so helpful and are ready to help in any and all situations. They deserve the biggest thank you from all of us. Their smiles and comment “it’s my pleasure” when they are helping is just the best! We are already talking about returning next year and extending our stay to maybe 2 weeks! For the first time (after travelling south 7 times) we feel that one week just wasn’t long enough and we weren’t ready to come home!!!! Thank Dreams Punta Cana staff, you are the BEST!

  48. Another couple, my boyfriend (at the time), and I went to Dreams Punta Cana in October. We all absolutely LOVED it there! There were so many good memories from the trip, it’s hard to choose just one.
    I’m on vacation at a “regular” hotel in FL this week… I realized how spoiled I got after a week at Dreams. Count me in now as a gal who will only do all-inclusives now! I mean, no “Wow” to drink at the pool? No bocce on the beach? Having to drive to dinner? Dreams will always be top on my list!!

  49. Hola,
    I went to “Republica Dominicana” last year. Dreams Punta Cana has everything I was looking for. I had so much fun. It’s is a lot of choices and activities you can do… it’s unbelievable! The stuff were the best, the service, the food. The room was very comfortable and clean. I recommend to all my friends and I can’t wait to go back soon. I miss all the nice, polite and kind stuff, but most that all ….their smiles :). Thank you to all of you to made my best vacations ever.
    I really miss being there. Hope to see everybody again soon.

  50. The staff, the accomodations, the other guest, the food, the activities and the booze all premium! Can’t wait to come back.


  51. Our trip to Dreams was a dream for our children and for that I am very grateful. The staff from beginning to end were all so gracious, kind, loving and hospitable. My kids were so sad to leave Wendy and the rest of the amazing women at Explorer’s Club. Only another mother can understand and appreciate the happiness I had knowing my kids were safe and loved by this group of women each and every time they were in the Club. I can not thank them enough for caring for Dylan and Amelia as if they were their own children. We don’t often travel to the same place twice, but Dreams Punta Cana and their wonderful staff has broken that trend and we will definetly plan another memorable vacation with them. Thank you so much!!!

  52. I would LOVE to come back to Dreams Punta Cana to experience all that everyone else is raving about! We were there for 5 days in the beginning of March for my daughter’s sweet 16 and unfortunately it rained – actually poured most of the time – from the moment we got off the plane until two hours before we had to get back on the plane to head back to New York. Even though the weather did not cooperate we enjoyed Dreams Punta Cana but not experience all you have to offer. My daughter and her friend loved meeting new friends in the core zone through the entertainment staff. We weren’t able to enjoy the pool games or enjoy the beautiful beach. I literally cried on the transfer bus as it was pulling away from Dreams to go to the airport because it was the first time the sun came out. The staff was wonderful, the resort was beautiful . . . but the weather was not! We’d love to come back!!

  53. I am 15 and i brought a friend and we both had the times of our lives. Everyday it was so much fun staying out late and wakeing up early every minute we were occupied with fun activities. All of the workers there were so nice! We have been to cancun before and Dreams Punta Cana beats it by a ton!

  54. Before we settled on a location for our destination wedding, I feel in love with the looks of Dreams Punta Cana. Our honneymoon suite was wonderful, we enjoyed the wonder drinks the resort offered along with the great foot. The staff were always willing to go the extra mile and help out. We truly appreciated it. The wedding day was such a breeze, I can honestly say I have never heard from anyone that they were playing water volley ball just a couple hours before getting married. There was not any of the stress from trying to get everything done on time, the staff at Dreams thought a head of us and had everything taken care of in advance. We could have never found a more beautiful place to start our marriage, this year we will be coming back down to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary. I was told via email that they would help us celebrate including getting a version of our wedding cake. I truly look forward to being able to go back and relax as much as we can or do as many things as we had done in the past.

  55. Love it, love it, love it!
    I could not say enough fabulous things about Dreams Punta Cana Resort and Spa…or as I like to call it, Paradise! My newlywed husband and I spent our honeymoon over the March break at the resort. We have done nothing but rave about our amazing trip and have recommended all of our friends to visit (hopefully with us again soon!) Our favourite part of the trip was definitely the staff. We felt at home right away and enjoyed socializing. One of our most memorable moments at the resort was being apart of the “True Love Show.” Very embarrassing, but we had a blast! We absolutely loved the entertainment team (Particularly, Wilbert, 2Pac and Melvin). Whenever we joined them in an activity we had an absolute BLAST! Thanks so much to everyone who made our trip the best ever!!! xoxox

  56. We stayed at Dreams Punta Cana the last week of February and have so many wonderful memories.

    I usually like to try new destinations and resorts each time I travel but it will be hard to measure up to DPC.

    Everything was fantastic from the room, the beach, the pool, the grounds and the best of all is the staff. They are second to none, they work so hard and never fail to make you feel special.

    Dreams Punta Cana is Paradise.

  57. We were there President’s Week in February, and boy did we have a wonderful time. The staff in the VIP club were second to none and accommodated our large group of 24 at all times. I would love to come back. My daughter’s favorite memories (she’s 4) were all centered around the awesome Explorer’s Club; she had a blast. She begged me to go there each and every day! I would recommend this wonderful resort to anyone!

  58. After 12 years together, and a whole year of planning to get married at Dreams Resort & Spa in Punta Cana it finally happened on March 19, 2010. It was an absolute DREAM. I had a group of 50 & we all found resort & the employee’s to be AMAZING! They exceeded in making our vacation & wedding a true DREAM. Our wedding coordinator, Sharon P. truly made the whole process from day one to the BIG DAY a true SUCCESS!
    We all had the pleasure to eat at almost all the restaurants & the amount of food wanted & the staff made our dining just WONDERFUL! The surroundings, entertaining, & service were a true vacation. Everyone had an amazing time, & cannot stop talking about going back next summer. As everyone at DREAMS told us constantly, “es un placer”—“it was a true pleasure” to be there! Thank you all for making our vacation & wedding a TRUE DREAM!! We absolutely loved it & can’t wait to go back to enjoy ourselves with our family & friends including our new friend’s at DREAMS!!
    After 12 years together, and a whole year of planning to get married at Dreams Resort & Spa in Punta Cana it finally happened on March 19, 2010. It was an absolute DREAM. I had a group of 50 & we all found resort & the employee’s to be AMAZING! They exceeded in making our vacation & wedding a true DREAM. Our wedding coordinator, Sharon P. truly made the whole process from day one to the BIG DAY a true SUCCESS!
    We all had the pleasure to eat at almost all the restaurants & the amount of food wanted & the staff made our dining just WONDERFUL! The surroundings, entertaining, & service were a true vacation. Everyone had an amazing time, & cannot stop talking about going back next summer. As everyone at DREAMS told us constantly, “es un placer”—“it was a true pleasure” to be there! Thank you all for making our vacation & wedding a TRUE DREAM!! We absolutely loved it & can’t wait to go back to enjoy ourselves with our family & friends including our new friend’s at DREAMS!!

  59. Dreams Punta Cana will forever hold a special place in my heart. May 6th, 2009 I was married to my best friend, and now life partner. Dreams has made this day the best, most memorable, most cherished day of my life. When I close my eyes and recall it, it is so vivid I can smell the Ocean breeze and lushness of the surrounding gardens. The ceremony was perfect, surrounded by my friends and family. I couldn’t have dreamed of something so perfect. I was amazed, on my wedding day, I felt as if we were the only ones in the resort, the personal attention and detail oriented staff far exceeded my expectations. The ambience of Dreams is nothing but perfection. From the glass like foyer floor, to the constantly manicured lush green gardens, from the smiles at breakfast to the hugs and well wishes at departure. Every day, I think about… when I will get back there, back to the ESCAPE (from this hard, fast paced, never-a-rest life we all live).

    There were so many amazing moments from my wedding vacation at Dreams:
    My son travelled with us, this was his first ever all inclusive trip. I recall the look on his face as we got off the bus at the entrance to the resort. His mouth was hanging open, and his eyes were bulging out of his head in amazement. He had made good friends with the guide on the bus to the resort; he gave him a high five and shook his hand. (as if they had been friends for years). From that point on I don’t think I even saw my son until our wedding day – LOL, he was at kids club, at the pool, in the Ocean, playing games, joining in with the activities group….doing all he could to earn as many “Dreams dollars” before the end of his week. He recommended that we live at Dreams Punta Cana because all the food there is free! LOL The sparkle in his eyes during that entire week is what being a mom is all about, and Dreams reminded me of that.
    My niece Brittany is mentally challenged, she is 23 but she retains the mental abilities of about a 7 or eight year old. The activities group made special effort to invite her and make her feel welcome and included. In her everyday life she is usually put in a separate group, cast aside, and often made fun of. Brittany embraced every moment of her stay, she learned every dance, she participated in every aquatic aerobics and even rode the mechanical bull! Again, these are moments that remind you what life is truly about.
    So when I am asked what my fondest memory of Dreams is, I can’t think of one. But I can say that the experience has extremely impacted my life. Not only did it solidify the bond between my now husband and I, but reminded me what the most valuable things in life are, unfortunately these things are hard to see unless given the environment, atmosphere platform to expose themselves. Dreams created that, a place for everyone….8 years old, 60 years old, 30 years old,…. no matter, what you’re looking for is right there waiting with a warm smile, and a cold drink! 🙂
    Jessica Banks

  60. My favorite moment was the first night there – going to the beach at 2:00 am in the morning, laying down an looking up at the stars with my wife.

  61. We stayed at Dreams LaRomana in March of 2009 and had the best vacation ever! We have since recommended Dreams Resorts to family and friends who thank us once they visit. Everything from the beautiful resort, gorgeous beaches, delicious gourmet food, amazing views from the rooms, nightlife, to the water sports – we love it all!

  62. My husband and I got married last month at Dreams PC and we will always hold very dear memories of the resort and our magical wedding day. One of our favourite moments from our trip was the ‘Earth Hour’ Show on the beach. The show was truly spectacular and was a real testament to the talent and dedication of the entertainment team. Brilliant! The efforts that the resort made to consciously orchestrate this event were extemely sensitive, thoughtful and created a real sense of purpose and togetherness for staff and guests alike. I felt quite moved to have been a part of that and blessed to have shared such an experience at such an amazing place.

  63. My boyfriend chris and I stayed for a week at your resort in January! This was BY FAR the best resort we have ever been to !! We enjoyed being a part of the exciting activities that went on each day. We were in room a swim up room right by the pool bar and man oh man what a delight ! Mario was such an incredible man, I’d love to go back just to see his smiling face again ! :). Incredible staff, amazing food and a spectacular pool ! It was so nice to spend our 9 year anniversary together at this resort and it would be such an honour to get to spend our 10th with you aswell 🙂

  64. My good friend just held her wedding at Dreams Punta Cana and the whole week was AMAZING!! We were there from April 10-17th and I wholeheartedly intend to return. My brother actually won the Dancing with the Guests contest while we were there and so with him going down we may have to make a family event of it!

    It is difficult to pinpoint one favourite memory, but some of my favourite memories were:
    1) My friend’s wedding – it was beautiful and amazing! The wedding planner and all staff make an amazing effort to make sure everything is perfect.
    2) The entertainment staff – Hector, Rollando, Isabel and everyone else do an amazing job to make sure you have fun and stay active if that is what you are looking for. They work LONG days, but with smiles on their faces and high energy you would never know.
    3) The turndown service – sounds like such a simple thing, but I have been away five times before and this is the first resort that I have been to with a turn down service. It was so nice to come back to the room and find my bed nicely made and a list of the next day’s activities laying on my bed.
    4) Service – the service here is second to none! From meals to room cleaning to check-in and check-out everything goes smoothly because of the staff and the effort and care they perform each duty with.
    5) Spa and wellness centre – the best I have seen at a resort! The bride treated myself and the other bridesmaids to a morning in the wellness centre and then I had to return for a couples massage with my boyfriend. Both visits were amazing. The staff take great care in creating an amazing atmosphere.

    All in all this resort and spa is a finely oiled machine and does everything right! I can’t wait for my next visit 🙂

  65. Dreams was the first vacation I took with my boyfriend. We were very worried about food, being in a different country, water etc. This resort laid all of those fears to rest. It was the most incredible trip ever. The resort was GORGEOUS! I travel a lot in my career and this resort was at par with many top rated hotels in North America, as was the food.

    I am a lactose-intolerant vegetarian who doesn’t drink alcohol so needless to say, I was VERY worried about what I’d eat and drink while away. I ate like a King! The food was great, everyone was very helpful in identifying any food allergies etc.

    The grounds were immaculate. I was able to get a bed on the beach, chairs on the beach or by the pool at anytime that I wanted to. Drinks were abundant. The entertainment staff were beyond amazing! Each night was something we looked forward to!

    The hotel even had a doctor who was very pleasant in helping us locate the Dominican version of Benadryl.

    This resort was so far beyond our expectations and we finalized the amazing trip by getting engaged on the beaches at Dreams. We hope to return for our honeymoon and will forever go back to this resort!

  66. Dreams Punta Cana was the first vacation I took with my boyfriend. We were very worried about food, being in a different country, water etc. This resort laid all of those fears to rest. It was the most incredible trip ever. The resort was GORGEOUS! I travel a lot in my career and this resort was at par with many top rated hotels in North America, as was the food.

    I am a lactose-intolerant vegetarian who doesn’t drink alcohol so needless to say, I was VERY worried about what I’d eat and drink while away. I ate like a King! The food was great, everyone was very helpful in identifying any food allergies etc.

    The grounds were immaculate. I was able to get a bed on the beach, chairs on the beach or by the pool at anytime that I wanted to. Drinks were abundant. The entertainment staff were beyond amazing! Each night was something we looked forward to!

    The hotel even had a doctor who was very pleasant in helping us locate the Dominican version of Benadryl.

    This resort was so far beyond our expectations and we finalized the amazing trip by getting engaged on the beaches at Dreams. We hope to return for our honeymoon and will forever go back to this resort!

  67. Our trip to Dreams Punta Cana was definitely the most memorable trip we’ve ever taken. My husband and I were married on the beach at the resort in December along with 24 of our closest family and friends. The rooms were immaculate, the food to die for, the service incredible and of course the wedding a dream.

    But what sticks out most to our bridal party was our rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. Our wedding coordinator Deyanira booked a table for 10 at Bordeaux so that we could spend one final night with our BP toasting them before the celebration. At the end of the meal, which was exquisite to say the least, the waiter asked if he could bring us out a special dessert. With many of our family dessert lovers, we agreed whole heartedly. A few moments later the wait staff returned with 6 plates of a variety of delicious desserts and placed them in front of us. The evening ended with us devouring all that we could of those tasty treats and raving about which one was our favorite.

    After the wedding we created small photo albums for our families to remember the trip by and made sure to highlight the dessert with a special photo of them. Months later, that dinner is still brought up in random conversations and always how much they loved the dessert.

  68. We arrived at Dreams Punta Cana at the beginning of this month to the greeting ‘Welcome Home’ and boy did they mean it! The staff are all so friendly and polite and nothing is too much trouble to make your stay perfect. It normally takes me a week to wind down and forget work but by day 2 I was more chilled out than ever. At the end of our holiday we had a couple of extra nights due to the volcanic ash situation and were then moved to another hotel which wasn’t a patch on Dreams. We were really sorry to leave such a great place and great people and we’re looking forward to visiting again.

    It’s hard to pick one thing that stands out as it was all so good but I would say the staff at Dreams really make it a great place and they really want you to feel at home.

  69. We had a fabulous spring break at Dreams Punta Cana before Easter. The resort is beautiful, inviting, relaxing and filled with fun. The entire staff welcomed us as if we were old friends and made our stay very enjoyable.

    We had a blast with pool games with the entertainment staff, kayaking and snorkeling on the beach and dining at the fabulous restaurants! People couldn’t have made our stay more pleasant. Always saying hello and asking if we needed anything!

    Love the dancing lesson on the beach and at the sugar reef and even downloaded “Haci, Haci”. Couldn’t get that tune out of my head for weeks.

    We can’t wait until our next visit!

  70. Dreams Punta Cana is a amazing resort. My Husband and I were there for our honeymoon and absolutly LOVED it.

    We were more than impresed with the rooms, food and beach but the best part is the staff. We met some really amazing people there and had a great time learning spanish and the meringue with them. They were so inspirational that we have been taking online spanish lessons, not that you need any to go there, their English is fantastic. The Entertainment Team is so Awsome, not only in the nightly shows but throughout the day with all the little compititions and events going on. One of the highlights of our trip was doing the Dancing with the Guests challenge, we may not have won but it was definatly an unforgetable experience!!!!

    Punta Canada!!!! the best place on Earth

  71. My boyfriend and I had the best vacation at Dreams! Everything was just perfect. We had so much fun with our favorite bartender Pedro. The food was fantastic. We are
    planning our second trip witch will be our honeymoon. We cant wait to go back and see our friends at dreams.

  72. Our stay at Dreams was a dream come true. Our wedding group of 41 had a fantastic time, and there was not a complaint to be found! From lounging in the lazy river pool, to beach volleyball, to the nightly entertainment shows, there is something for everyone, and there’s always something to do.

    The food was scrumptious, landscaping was beautiful, activities were fun, but best of all, the staff were a blast. Special shout outs to Rolando, Hector the Protector, Wilbert and Isabel, our wonderful new friends!

    Not only was this a fantastic vacation, but what better location to host a wedding? The backdrop is jaw-dropping, everything is taken care of, down to the littlest detail, and you get to spend more than just one night with your guests. Choosing DPC as our wedding site was the best wedding-related decision we made (other than choosing to marry each other, of course!)

    We truly felt pampered at Dreams Punta Cana, and were made to feel like it was our home away from home… A home we’d like to visit much more often!! :0)

  73. My wife and I just returned from Dreams in March celebrating our anniversary. The resort was the best we have stayed in and we have been to the DR many times..Love the DR and Dreams makes it even better. The food was great and the beach was very good after reading so many negative comments, the water was very calm. It, however, is the people and the beauty of the property that make this a very special place to visit.

  74. There is so much to say about our very recent stay at the Dreams Punta Cana resort. My husband and I where there from April 17th to 24th, 2010. This was our very first trip to anywhere else but our home land, Canada. It was beyond what we could imagine! The name of the resort is Dreams and what a dream it was. Coming into the hotel for the very first time, we where overwhelmed by the friendliness of all the staff members. Whether it was the shuttle driver, the people taking care of our luggage, the cleaning crew or the people at the front desk, everyone was smiling and signing and so very happy. I will always remember the words we where greeted with “Welcome home my friend” Wow! How cool is that! The first morning, we got up early to welcome this great adventure. We when to the breakfast buffet in the World Café restaurant. Our waiters name was Soler. He was incredible! So kind hearted, nice with a very special attention to details we went back every morning and every lunch to see him. We enjoyed his presence very much. Since we would come in at almost the same time everyday he was always there to greet us. From where ever he was in the buffet, he would wave at us and say “Hola my friend, this way!” We had the same table always ready for us. Because we unfortunately do not speak Spanish and him very little English, he kindly found someone from the hotel to help us translate something to him toward the end of the week. We explained to him that our stay at the resort was very special but he had contributed greatly in making it even more special. Thanks to him and is kindness our trip was amazing. We also promise that the next time we come back, we would speak Spanish so we can communicate better and share stories. After that we all took a picture together that we will cherish for a long time! We stayed in building #9 and had a ground level room with walk out terrace and hammock. Our made was also wonderful. Her name was Julia. Every day she would make us beautiful decorations with towels. Our room was always very clean, the mini bar always full and the turn down service every night with mint chocolates on our pillows, awesome! The resort itself is absolutely gorgeous! The never ending pool with swim up bar, the breath taking landscape, the cleanliness of all areas, the no bracelet policy, the unlimited towels during the day, the beach with plenty of chairs and beds for everyone, the night entertainment and shows, the colourful drinks….Everything was perfect! When we booked our trip, we had no idea that it would give us back so much. It gave us back a piece of each other we thought we had lost a long time ago, before basically the stress of everyday life took over. It gave us a peaceful and calming feeling. A simple happiness we most definitely broth back with us. This was much more than just a vacation, this was therapeutic! We have much to learn about the Dominican culture, especially there positive attitude towards everything. In their own words “ No problem, be happy, today is excellenté! Although a language barrier prevented us from having elaborate conversation, it did not stop us from developing friendships with some of the staff members. Everything mentioned in this message has been told to our family members, our friends and our co-workers. Your resort is definitely considered for their next trip! For us, any other vacation destination is unthinkable. Next time, we will go back home my friends…back to Dreams Punta Cana resort! Thanks to everyone at Dreams Punta Cana for making our first trip one we will remember forever.
    Stephanie & Mathias

  75. We just got back 7 hours ago from our 5 days at Dreams. It was a fantastic trip which blew all my expectations out of the water! I wasn’t sure about traveling outside of the US, but I will come back first chance I can. The staff is the heart of the resort. Many of the group loved the nightlife and bars. The kids had a great time and the wedding was beautiful. The entertainment staff was so on top of things and deserve ten thousand times whatever they earn. Many thanks and see you again!

  76. We just got back on Friday from our second visit to Dreams Punta Cana…We thought our first visit was perfect, but we were wrong…our second was even better!! There’s nothing better than being recognized by the staff a whole year after being away! We were thrilled to discover that some of the wonderful people we had met last year were still there and we met so many new staff that were also wonderful. Mr. Jose Tolentino’s Entertainment team is SUPERB! Isabel, 2Pac, Hector, Glenda, Francisco, Wilbur, Polo, Melvin, Rolando and all the others are some of the friendliest and most fun people we’ve ever met! We had so much fun with all of them!

    Ms. Aida Cabrera, Head Concierge, was so welcoming to us…what a sweetheart! She truly helped make our stay WONDERFUL!

    We LOVE Dreams Punta Cana and hope to be able to return some day.

  77. We had a most delightful 8 days at Dreams PC. We are husband and wife with three boys, ages 10, 14, and 16. I would love to address some of the most frequent complaints posted:
    The heat: If you can’t take the heat, don’t go anywhere near the Caribbean. Dreams is thankfully right on the beach which offers a bit of relief from the sweltering heat and humidity.
    The bugs/mosquitoes/ants, etc.: I am usually a magnet for mosquito bites, yet I suffered NONE while at the resort! (I did spray some OFF with 15% DEET before going out in the evening but my husband and the boys used nothing and were also never bitten). We saw one HUGE spider, by himself and in an outdoor hallway. Camping in California, we are used to dealing with flies and wasps while picnicking, yet at the Dreams beach, we found ourselves seated near a trash container full of discarded lunch plates and surprisingly, no insects – flying or otherwise at all?!
    Sanitary conditions: At every eating establishment on the resort, hand sanitizer was religiously dispensed, without fail, to every single guest, every single time. Glimpses while walking past a kitchen side door revealed surprisingly clean white tile throughout and modern refrigeration and appliances that would rival those available to Martha Stewart. A kids cooking class in one of the cafe’s kitchens confirmed the pristine cleanliness. With a BS in Microbiology, the importance of sanitary cooking conditions, the posting of proper food prep procedures, and proper heating and refrigeration of foods did not escape my notice. During the course of our stay, I sampled from numerous salad bars, ate poached eggs, and even beef tar-tar – all with no ill effects.
    The Food: Wow! Don’t go there with the idea of maintaining any kind of low calorie regimen. The best one can hope for is to plan ahead with extra thought to eating less and exercising more. During the trip, eat with abandon and drink up. Upon returning to the ‘real world’, vow to avoid fast food and fried chicken. Also, walk off the extra pounds by walking to your friends home to show off those beautiful vacation photos. We ate at every restaurant the resort offered and encountered nothing but the very best each time. On one occasion, we couldn’t get into the Japanese place so we at Chinese; the following day, my husband showed up a few minutes before the Japanese place opened (5:50), and had no problem securing a prime, 7:30 seating. (The Japanese place has three nightly seatings with a chef preparing the food right at the table as part of the show and they don’t take advanced reservations)
    The Drinks: The resort offers unlimited alcoholic beverages all day, everywhere. On the beach, in and around the pool, every restaurant, and even in a fridge in our room, the drinks flowed freely. Some drinks were stronger than others but we found that a word to any of the servers or the actual bartender got us a stronger drink, no problem. Watch your teenagers because if they look remotely like they could be 18, they tend to serve them drinks with alcohol. But, the same people work every day and they are quite good at remembering so one word did the trick and we never had trouble again. Despite a language barrier – mainly our lack of skill in Spanish – we never had problems with wrong orders, anywhere on the resort. Bottled water was readily available everywhere.
    Towels: With 5 of us, we needed lots of towels – to cover the lounge chairs and to use for drying off- and we NEVER had trouble. We had yellow towels from the Preferred Club and they never seemed to run out, even if we took towels in the evening to have early the next morning. I saw stacks and stacks of blue towels available for everyone. We also always found seating in the shade at both the pool and the beach.
    The Water: The Dreams pool, though not heated, was warm. Living in beautiful southern California, with a large built in pool, we truly appreciated the warm pool water. In California most of the year, we have to heat our pool for it to be comfortable enough to swim in; even when it’s heated though, we still need a stiff upper lip for that first dip into the water. That same stiff upper lip is also needed for California beach water most of the year too. It was absolutely a ‘dream’ to be able to step into and out of both the pool and the ocean in Punta Cana with complete abandon. No having to brace myself and ease into the water even once! The ocean had nice waves, not as big as we are used to in California. A section of coral made for nice snorkeling. The waves were perfect for wind kayaking and what my sons dubbed as ‘lounge chair’ surfing. Workers on each end of the beach watch the water and seemed quick to help when I thought my sons had ventured too far out to sea with their kayaks – (of course, I was worried for nothing and all was well but it was very reassuring to see their swift and expert response.)
    The Grounds: We observed workers, here and there, early morning or late evening, trimming bushes or cutting grass quietly and by hand; we were never disturbed by the ever present blowers or gas powered lawn mowers that routinely awaken us back home. Instead, we fell asleep to either the gentle hum of the air conditioning in our room, or the soothing sound of waves crashing on the shore – and occasionally, a few raucous late night revelers passing by. They had many workers everywhere. We did however both pity and appreciate the worker dispatched with collecting trash and empty water bottles several times a day around the beach and pool areas. The grounds were as spotless in the morning as they were at the end of the day.
    Activities for Adults: They had numerous activities, throughout each day, for adults. Some were in the pool, some not. Some involved arts and crafts and some involved physical skill. They had lawn chess and ping pong. They had Bocce Ball and ‘Shuffler?’ Board. They had tennis and badminton. They had Spanish lessons and bottle painting. They even had ‘Olympic’ relay races with two teams and several hysterically funny events involving balls and balloons among other things. They have dance classes and contests. They have kayaks and snorkeling for no extra costs. They have scuba diving classes too. Teens and even my very tall 10 year old was allowed to participate in all the adult events.
    Activities for Teens and Kids: Kids Club is through age 12 and they have a great set up but my 10 year old didn’t like it that much as most of the kids that week were a lot younger. They make it easy to pick and choose and my 10 year old did enjoy a few things with the Club. They have a schedule and they stick to it so that we knew when and where to be for any given activity. Also, they give a cell phone to a parent and can call if the child wants out, etc. For Teens, they have the Core Zone which is truly like teen ‘heaven’. Even picky teens enjoy the place. My 10 year old enjoyed the place too and was never made to feel like he was too young. They have it all – pool, ping pong, foos ball, video games, board games, tennis, basketball, baseball, archery, shooting, darts, and even an electric bull! They have competitions and prizes and the winners get called up on stage before the evening show for a certificate and a chance to win more ‘prize money’ to spend at auction.
    Location: Dreams PC is the farthest resort from the airport, taking almost an hour to arrive. Having visited a sister resort that was very close to the airport for parasailing, we realized how blessed we were to be far away from both the airport and the crush of other resorts. The sister resort shared the same expanse of beach as ours with THREE other resorts! The ocean water had NO waves at all and was much more like a busy lake, filled with noisy motorboats and jammed with people. From overhead came the annoying drone of aircraft constantly taking off and landing.
    The Rooms: We had a family suite in a Preferred Club building, which consists of two rooms with an adjoining door between them. Our room had a king-sized bed. The other had two full sized beds and we got a cot for our youngest after a spat over which older son would share his bed….The air conditioning worked well, fortunately. Both rooms were very clean (and I am fussy in that regard), and were serviced twice each day. I have a bad back but found the bed to be perfect and did not wake up stiff as usual. Perhaps the colors were a bit outdated but the room was clean, large enough, and completely bug-free. The maids understood our request to have the alcoholic beverages in the kids room removed and replaced with more of exactly what each liked, ie. Orange Fanta, Coke, and Bottled Water. We only asked once, yet the rest of the week, all of our favorites appeared daily in our in room fridges.
    Tipping: We brought a couple hundred dollars, all in 1’s and 5’s. The older two boys were also instructed to take several dollars with them each day. All I can say is that it was truly an unexpected blessing to be surrounded by all the resort workers. We typically tried to tip a dollar here and there during the day for the workers bringing our drinks or a particularly good bartender. A few more dollars were given out at the restaurants and even the guy who had to man the electric bull was tipped by my kids for extra long rides. In the U.S., a dollar tip would practically be an insult, yet here, it was received with surprising gratitude and graciousness. Whether we tipped or not had no effect on the quality of our service. Even our boys, on their own, noted how truly kind and genuinely happy all the workers were at the resort. EVERYONE was truly kind and eager to serve, regardless. Even our teenagers had to admit to respect for how willingly and well the workers did their jobs. We never felt obligated to tip; instead, we tipped truly out of appreciation for their kindness and attention to every detail. Their jobs included long hours in sweltering weather, sometimes serving crass tourists, yet never a grumble passed their lips.

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