Dreams Tulum’s A Happy Kid

I’m sure we can all recall the feeling of wanting to be just like our parents. In fact, I vividly remember being a child and begging my mom for a cup of coffee every night after dinner so I could be just like her. She occasionally gave in and would hand me a mug with mostly milk and a little bit of coffee. At the time, I didn’t seem to notice the difference and if I did, I didn’t seem to care.

Kids today are the same way—they want to be just like their parents. So what happens when you’re on vacation enjoying a frozen cocktail and your son or daughter asks for one just like it?

Well, at Dreams Tulum, we realize how important it is for kids to have the same things the adults have and for that reason, we’ve created this yummy non-alcoholic frozen drink that is sure to make your kid a happy one!

A Happy Kid



Sweet milk

Coconut cream

Melted chocolate

Simply add ingredients to taste, blend and garnish with melted chocolate!

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