Dreams Puerto Aventuras Excursions

If you’re looking for a little extra adventure during your getaway, Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa has plenty of options to choose from. The resort’s location in the Riviera Maya provides guests with access to many local attractions.  Whether you’re a nature lover, history buff or shopping fanatic, Dreams Puerto Aventuras has the perfect excursion for you! Take a closer look at a few of our local attractions:

Playa del Carmen

Quinta Avenida, or 5th Avenue, in Playa del Carmen is the shopping mecca of the Riviera Maya. The shops on this strip sell a variety of goods ranging from designer clothing to Mayan crafts and beach toys. It’s the perfect place to buy a new outfit for a night on the town or a novelty trinket to take home as souvenir.


Xel-Ha, meaning spring water in Spanish, is the largest natural open sea aquarium in the world. This eco-archeological park offers a variety of activities like snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins and discovering manatees in the lagoon. Plus, there is even a playground for the kids!

Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza

The Chichen Itza archaeological site is one of Mexico’s most famous Mayan ruins. Several Mayan temples and pyramids can be seen here, including the Temple of the Warriors and the Kukulcan Pryamid. One of the most popular attractions at Chichen Itza is the solar phenomenon that occurs on the spring and fall Equinox when a snake shaped shadow ascends the steps of the largest pyramid.

Cenote Tours

A cenote is an underground body of water that forms when the roof of a cave collapses. Cenotes are very warm because they have no current and are directly hit with the hot Mexican sun throughout the day.  They are filled with a variety of beautiful fish and plant life that thrive in this ideal climate. Their warmth and vivid underwater scenery make cenotes a favorite diving and snorkeling spot among visitors to the Riviera Maya.

These fun excursions are just a taste of what Dreams Puerto Aventuras has to offer. Click here for a full list of excursions and other information about this destination!

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