Learn Spanish During Your Stay

If you’re headed south of the border and wishing you could learn how to speak some Spanish – we have you covered! Dreams Resorts & Spas offers beginner Spanish lessons to our guests. Wondering what you’ll learn? Here’s an idea of what you can expect:

You already know more Spanish than you realize! Several Spanish words have been adopted into the English language. Words like fiesta, tango, chili, poncho, lasso and rodeo have become second nature to English speakers.

Our instructors will provide you with tips for learning a new language. For example, don’t expect to be perfect right away! By relaxing and having fun during your lesson the new words will come to you more easily. Use flashcards to familiarize yourself with new words and find a partner to practice speaking with. 

Here are a few words to get you started:

Spanish             English

Hola                   Hello
Gracias              Thank you
Donde esta…        Where is…
Como estas       How are you?
Bienvenida         Welcome

One thought on “Learn Spanish During Your Stay

  1. Hi there, I got to USA almost 2 yrs ago from Colombia, my wife got a job here and we had to move. My English was 0.0 I mean, I did not speak NOTHING. I tried to learn using podcasts, books, watching TV and also I bought Rossetta Stone, because many ppl said me that it is the Top…. That software was my last mistake. Then I took the decision of creating my own method, and I did it. First I got a book with the high frequecy words and I adapt them to me, and what I needed. I know that my english maybe is not as good as I would like, but every day is better. Using the same methodology I made a course for people that need to learn spanish (Beginners) and my clients love it.


    Good luck

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