Monday Night Football at Dreams Puerto Aventuras

Now that fall has officially arrived, so has the one of the favorite American pastimes, Football! We know that Sundays and Mondays now revolve around watching this beloved sport and there is no reason why you should miss out on it just because you’re on vacation!

At Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa we host a Football tailgate party every Monday night!  Guests can expect traditional tailgate food, frosty beer and a large screen TV setup on the beach with comfy lounge chairs to enjoy the game.

It’s a fun way for our guests to mingle and get to know one another. Plus it goes without saying that watching the game on a beach under the stars beats watching it on your couch any day! Check out some photos from a recent Monday Night Football celebration!

3 thoughts on “Monday Night Football at Dreams Puerto Aventuras

  1. HOW Cool is that! To watch the game with the sand in your toes and a “cold one” in your hand. Talk about SWEET DREAMS!

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