Danny Bonaduce’s Tropical Christmas & Honeymoon

94 WYSP DJ Danny Bonaduce just returned from his “Tropical Christmas” as he called it.  He spent his holiday vacation (which was also his honeymoon) at Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana. Checkout what he had to say about his stay at our resort!

Apple Vacations has done it again. With no information from Amy or myself, there was a “happy honeymoon” banner on the door to our room, a bouquet of flowers as well as a bottle of champagne with the same message. With all sincerity, I was truly astonished. I cannot imagine who told a specific and wonderful hotel, Dreams Palm Beach, that I had recently gotten married.

That is why, as I said on the air today, that I couldn’t remember taking one vacation over the last decade that wasn’t an Apple Vacation. If my luck holds out, I won’t have to vacation without Apple for the next decade.

Thank you again.
Love, Danny

3 thoughts on “Danny Bonaduce’s Tropical Christmas & Honeymoon

  1. I have one simple question how much money should I bring to tip the amazing staff.
    You would think that after 3 prior visits, I would have this down pat, I thought I did.

    My wife and I love this place & last year I took my next door neighbors with us ” they payer for their trip” and I am sure I made them feel uncomfortable. Because I tip nearly every time we get a drink and definitely every time we got a meal.

    My neighbor pointed out the trip was all inclusive which meant, tips were included, and I know that is what is advertised.
    I just feel like I want show my appreciation for their excellent effort.
    I am, by no means, wealthy and like all middle class Americans in today’s economy, I need to watch my budget.

    But I do not want to hurt the staff’s feelings.

    Do you have any recommendations?

    John Nelson

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  3. We also tip for drinks and meals, also tip the maid. To us it is just common sense. They work really hard to make our stay wonderful, why not repay them?

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