Cesar Millan Visits Dreams Los Cabos

You never know who you’ll run in to when you stay at our resorts! This week, television star and best-selling author Cesar Millan, who is known for his uncanny ability to rehabilitate wayward dogs, visited Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort & Spa for a personal vacation! You probably recognize Cesar from his hit show on National Geographic Channel, Dog Whisperer. Millan returned to his national birthplace, deciding to spend some much needed rest and relaxation at Dreams Los Cabos.

We were able to snap a few pictures of him during his stay – probably the only time you’ll see him without a following of canine friends!

Cesar Millan at Dreams Los Cabos

Cesar Millan and General Manager Ankara Angulo at Dreams Los Cabos

3 thoughts on “Cesar Millan Visits Dreams Los Cabos

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  2. Hi Ankara,
    I just visited your property and was tempted to buy timeshare but unfortunately had to leave quickly to check out of other hotel we were staying at with kids,and was planning to return to purchase timeshare. unfortunately we were treated rudely by exiting staff and by the security gate keeper and did not honor gift that was promised to us. We did like your property and was interested in buying but due to poor management we feel like this was not the right investment.
    Thank you
    Mrs. Silver

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