Natural Pool at Dreams Puerto Aventuras

Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa is home to some of the best snorkeling in the Riviera Maya. Our clear blue waters and natural surroundings provide the perfect environment for marine life to flourish.

One of the little known facts about our resort is that we offer a natural pool along our coastline. The pool offers a safe and easy way to snorkel and explore in a relaxed environment sheltered from the waves and sea current. This is a great location for little ones to come and feed the fish and see them up close without actually getting in the water with them.

The average temperature of our water year round is typically 82° F and the natural pool tends to be a few degrees warmer. Next time you visit us, be sure to grab some snorkeling gear from our watersports center and head over to the natural pool to get up close and personal with Riviera Maya marine life!

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