Jorge & Alexa Narvaez Swim with the Dolphins

Recently, YouTube sensations, Jorge & Alexa Narvaez, visited Now Jade Riviera Cancun for some fun in the sun as a family. One of the main highlights of their stay in Mexico was visiting Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa to swim with the dolphins at Delphinus Dreams Cancun.

Here’s a great video capturing their unforgettable experience. Can’t you just tell that six-year old Alexa loved every minute? 

2 thoughts on “Jorge & Alexa Narvaez Swim with the Dolphins

  1. Jorge, I am a 61 young at heart mother of a son and 3 grand children. I have been a daycare provider for 31 years. I have been following you and Alexa (along with all the children I care for) since day ONE! Congradulations on your new life and especially your college degree!!! It inspires all us mexicans to move on and show the world that all can be done if we make sacrifices and go forward. I am very proud of you!! May God walk with you and guide you through the rest of your journey. May HE give you wisdom and continue to show you humbleness all along. Remember pride is the worst of the seven deadly since (chatacter defects) so stay grounded and God will be with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E.P.B.

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