Traditional Indian Wedding at Dreams Los Cabos

Indian weddings are very bright events, filled with tradition, ritual and celebration.  Although a destination wedding may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a traditional Indian wedding, this particular couple proved that tradition is still possible when they hosted their lavish Sikh Indian wedding celebration at Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort & Spa.

The fusion of the tropical surroundings combined with the glamorous colors and ornate Indian details, made this wedding truly unique and special. Anu and Rajeev’s wedding festivities started with mehndi  on the beach, followed by a sangeet, which is an Indian ceremony that takes place before the wedding where family and friends of the couple perform dances to celebrate the upcoming wedding.

The day before the wedding, the couple hosted a Chura ceremony where the bride was adorned with red and white bracelets.  Anu and Rajeev chose a gorgeous set-up on the beach for their Chura ceremony, which included lounge style white couches, a shiny white dance floor and bar, waves crashing and distant mountains.

The wedding day started with a traditional Baraat, a procession where the groom rides to the ceremony location on a horse accompanied by his family members. The wedding ceremony took place in a picturesque setting at Dreams Los Cabos and was performed by a Sikh priest flown in from Mexico City with a full size holy book for the occasion.

The wedding festivities concluded with a lavish reception hosted in a private corner of the hotel. The couple even treated their guests to a fireworks show!

Take a look at some of the stunning photos that were captured by Shandro Photo during their wedding celebration.

Mehndi on the Beach

Sangeet Celebration

Chura Ceremony Set-Up

Chura Ceremony


Wedding Ceremony

Sweet moment shared by the bride and groom

The happy bride and groom

Wedding Reception

Stunning Fireworks

7 thoughts on “Traditional Indian Wedding at Dreams Los Cabos

  1. The plan is looking awesome and i really want to be part of it..
    I was in so rush in my marriage..
    that couldn’t arrange so beautifully..

    I wish if can do this in future for my 25 anniversary..

    I want to write one of the beautiful wedding wishes

    Marrying for love may be a bit risky, but it is so honest that God can’t help but smile on it..

    By Josh Billing

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