Whale Shark Tour at Dreams Cancun

Guests who are interested in living on the wild side can experience an opportunity of a lifetime by swimming with the Whale Sharks during their stay at Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa. This fascinating tour is offered through Solo Buceo, a reputable marina with more than 20 years of experience located right on the Dreams Cancun property.

The Whale Shark tour departs each day at 7:00 am. The boat, which holds a maximum of 10 people, heads about 12 miles off the coast of Cancun where hundreds of these gentle giants come to feed on the waters rich with plankton.  Whale Sharks are the world’s largest living fish; they are considered harmless and are generally curious around humans. Stretching over 14 meters, Whale Sharks swim slowly near the surface which makes them easy to spot and interact with while snorkeling on the tour.

The tour lasts about 7 hours and includes beverages and a light lunch. For more information about swimming with the Whale Sharks, feel free to email our eConcierge (econcierge.drecu@amresorts.com) or stop by our activities desk at Dreams Cancun!

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