Experience The Jungle at Dreams La Romana

Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa invites guests to experience Unlimited-Luxury® in the Dominican Republic.  Fine dinning is included in your stay with eight gourmet restaurants to choose from.  One restaurant really stands out from the others, The Jungle.  This unique restaurant is located right on the beach so you can enjoy your meal with the sand at your feet. The setting is not the only unique aspect of this restaurant; the menu featuring Dominican speacialities is what really makes it memorable.

We recommend you try a traditional dish on The Jungle’s menu called mofongo, which are garlic flavored-mashed plantains.  Mofongo is a very flavorful way to enjoy plantains. This dish can be compared to mashed potatoes because of its smooth texture, as well as the technique that the plantains are prepared.  Mofongo is commonly paired with beef, chicken or fish as a side dish, but if you’d like you can also enjoy a large portion as your main dish.

Live music also adds to the dining experience at Dreams La Romana’s The Jungle. Throughout the evening, a trio of musicians roam the restaurant to perform for guests. The music really livens up the atmosphere creating a night to remember. Be sure to have at least one dinner at The Jungle while you are staying at Dreams La Romana.

Check out some photos of the tables set for dinner.  The canopy of trees add to the ambiance of the restaurant.  

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