Snorkel with Sailfish at Dreams Cancun Resorts & Spa

Guests of Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa have a unique opportunity to swim with the world’s fastest fish, sailfish.  Our dive shop, Solo Buceo, is exclusively offering an  excursion to observe sailfish in the Caribbean Sea.  This is the only sailfish tour offered in Cancun! 

The excursion begins at 7 am departing from Solo Buceo’s marina. Depending on the weather and conditions the boat will return to shore between 2pm and 4pm.  A light lunch and beverages are included.  There is a maximum of ten people per group. Once the group is out to sea they will be in search of birds feeding on the surface, once these birds have been spotted, the participants will be entered the water in small groups to observe sailfish in their natural environment while snorkeling amongst them. In the springtime large schools of sailfish are expected to be hunting after sardines. There is a big chance of meeting dolphins, false killer whales and silky sharks alongside the sailfish.   

The excursion is $165 per person and you can make arrangements with our concierge. If you have an underwater camera, bring it along with you to capture this amazing experience! Book your trip to Dreams Cancun now to appreciate this remarkable adventure.  

Photo credit: Solo Buceo

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