Swim Up and Sip at Dreams Punta Cana’s Manatees Bar

Picture this. You’ve been lounging all day in the warm Dominican sun when you jump into the pool for a quick dip. The sun is so hot that you don’t want to leave the pool, but you would love a delicious Mango Tango. What’s a guest of Dreams Punta Cana Resort & Spa to do? The answer is simple. Take a swim over to the resort’s swim-up bar and sip on a yummy cocktail!

Named Manatees Bar, this one of a kind swim-up bar is located in the resort’s large free form pool that winds its way from the stunning lobby all the way down to the beach. In fact, it’s so fun and unique that Trip Advisor recently named it as one of 10 refreshing swim-up bars.

In our minds, a swim-up bar screams vacation and we want our guests to feel relaxed at all points of their stay with us. Our friendly bartenders will make any drink to your liking as you sit on bar stools submerged in water or stand by the side of the pool and take in the views of our resort. Can you think of anything better? We didn’t think so!

2 thoughts on “Swim Up and Sip at Dreams Punta Cana’s Manatees Bar

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