Four Reasons to Visit Dreams in 2012

Written by Matthew Long,

As I learned when I visited a Dreams Resort & Spa for the first time, there are
a lot of reasons to spend a vacation there. I expected some of them,
beaches, comfy rooms, etc, but other features frankly surprised me. Here
are my four top reasons why I intend to visit another Dreams in the
very near future.

Photo Caption: Mattew Long

1. Luxury – Most of us only get a few weeks of vacation time a year, and
it’s important to get the most out of our time off. For many of us, that
means relaxing, detaching and even a little pampering. All of these key
travel points are found in abundance at Dreams Resorts & Spas. As soon as you
first arrive and are given a welcome glass of champagne, you know that
you’ve arrived. Every need and want is seen to and if you want to relax, I
can’t think of many places more suited for well-appointed down time. My
favorite spot at the Dreams Puerto Vallarta was in the beachside hammocks,
gently swaying along with the ocean breezes. The margaritas didn’t hurt

Photo Credit: Matthew Long

2. Activities – Relaxing is great, but if you’re active like me there’s
only so much lounging you can do before cabin fever sets in. That’s why
every evening when the list of activities for the next day was released, I
was like a kid at Christmas waiting eagerly for the new things to try. Not
unlike a well-run cruise ship, Dreams puts together an extensive list of
fun and interesting things to do every day, from language lessons to sea
kayaking. There’s also an extensive program for kids, including the
Explorer’s Club and the resorts do a masterful job of coordinating
activities for children that are engaging and entertaining.

Photo Credit: Matthew Long

3. Food – I’ve been to other all-inclusive resorts, and at some the food
frankly suffered. At one in particular, every meal was a buffet and if you
wanted to eat at a premium restaurant, you had to pay extra. I wasn’t sure
what to expect at Dreams, but was thrilled to learn that all food,
everything, at Dreams is included. There’s a buffet at breakfast, but for
lunch and dinner you can choose from a wide variety of amazing restaurants
without having to make reservations. My favorite was Portofino, an Italian
themed restaurant that also seemed to be their most popular. Even with its
extreme popularity, I walked right in and didn’t have to wait before
enjoying an impressive and delicious meal. A small perk some guests may
not realize is that everything at the coffee shop is also included, so you
can get your fancy coffee and pastry fix if you need it.

Media Credit: Matthew Long

4. X-Factor – There’s an x-factor in travel, an indefinable quality that
can’t be categorized or explained, but you know it when you feel it.
That’s how I felt while staying with Dreams; I just knew it was a place
for me and that I would absolutely return. Maybe it’s the mixture of
service, quality and commitment to guests’ needs, or maybe it was the
beautiful location. Most likely, it’s a combination of everything, all
contributing towards a feeling of happiness, contentment and knowing that
I was at the right place.

About our guest blogger:

Matthew Long, Editor-in-Chief and creator of, has a true passion for travel. As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer. Matt is a Lonely Planet Featured Blogger, a contributor to many other travel sites and publications including Dabble Magazine. Matt’s site is listed in the Top 100 Travel Blogs, Top 100 Independent Travel Blogs, Most Influential Online Travel Personalities and Washington Flyer’s Top 100 Travel Blogs. You can also find him on Twitter: @LandLopers and Facebook:

6 thoughts on “Four Reasons to Visit Dreams in 2012

  1. And another reason to visit Dreams PV is our daughter is getting married there in Sept. this will be our 6th visit in 2 years!! The best resort ever!

  2. LOVE Dreams Puerto Vallarta! Its one of my FAV Dreams Resorts! Have been there 3 times and keep coming back for all they offer! Their Dream Team is one of the best!

    Heading back again in March!

    Having visited all of the Dreams Resorts over the past years I always say I don’t have FAVS…but if I did…Dreams PVR would be on that list!

  3. For youth generation this type of articles was totally bored but your article was fully different and realistic to the young generation for the future life. Good work man! Best wishes for the great creation of this blog.

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