Celebrate the Mayan Culture with the Temazcal Ceremony

In celebration of the Mayan culture and the belief that 2012 is the year of rebirth, Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa is offering its guests daily activities that allow them to participate in traditional Mayan rituals. One of these is the ancient temazcal ceremony, an herbal steam bath which the Mayans believed had health benefits and left each participant reborn. The temazcal heals ailments, improves all-around health, clears your pores and respiratory system, and treats stress. At Dreams Tulum, a shaman or healer hosts an abbreviated one-hour ceremony every Thursday at 5pm on the beach to give the participants of all ages an introduction to the ritual. Come enjoy this spiritual ceremony that leaves you rejuvenated, cleansed and reborn!

In the ancient Mayan culture, the temazcal was a spiritual ceremony conducted by a shaman or healer that would be held for soldiers returning from war, athletes completing in ceremonial ball games, and the sick. The temazcal, which means ‘house of heat’, is the domed structure in which the ceremony is held. The shaman heats volcanic rocks over fire and lays them into a hearth in the temazcal. Herbs and flowers with medicinal properties and cenote water are then placed on the stones to create a fragrant vapor that cleanses the body, mind and spirit. Praying and chanting are important aspects of the ceremony as are the cardinal points.

Guests who would like to experience the full ceremony can do so by making a reservation at the Dreams Spa by Pevonia. Please email our Spa Manager at spa.dretu@dreamsresorts.com for more information.

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