Dreams Riviera Cancun Follows That Frog

Dreams Riviera Cancun recently partnered with the Rainforest Alliance to help celebrate Follow the Frog week! The seven-day celebration is designed to foster and promote awareness about the tremendous impact that our actions have on the environment. Dreams Riviera Cancun hosted several activities for guests in honor of Follow the Frog week, including:

  • A walk on the beach where the staff explained the ins and outs of the delicate shoreline ecosystem
  • Organic food and beverage demonstration
  • A bike tour through the local Mangrove
  • Numerous activities for children, including a pledge to the planet, ecological puppet making and planting seeds for vegetation
  • A a reusable material contest for our staff
  • A Twitter party to spread recognition of the event

Frog Campaign

We make a continual effort to keep our resorts environmentally friendly throughout the entire year. To book your stay, visit online today!

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