Luxurious Extras at Dreams Puerto Vallarta!

Here at Dreams Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa, we have plenty of family-friendly activities and tours for our guests to enjoy with the Unlimited Adventure Program. However, we are also known to feature luxurious extra amenities for guests. Below, we have featured a beautiful couple in pictures of their romantic bonfire that they had when they recently visited us!

DreamsPuertoValalrta_PuertoValalrta_DreamsResorts_Bonfire_Setup DreamsPuertoVallarta_PuertoVallarta_DreamsResorts_Bonfire_Couple DreamsPuertoVallarta_PuertoVallarta_DreamsResorts_Bonfire_Couple_Sunset DreamsPuertoVallarta_PuertoVallarta_DreamsResorts_Bonfire_Dish DreamsPuertoVallarta_PuertoVallarta_DreamsResorts_Bonfire_Fire

To learn more about luxurious extras that you can experience during your stay at any of our Dreams Resorts & Spas, make sure you contact the concierge at, or visit the concierge desk upon your arrival!

2 thoughts on “Luxurious Extras at Dreams Puerto Vallarta!

  1. Hi Bethy, How much is a bonfire evening and can we have one and include the whole family? How much notice do you have to give?

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