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Its finally here – the brand new website for Dreams Resorts & Spas is ready, and its a new & better way for you to have it all! Not only is the site now easier to use, but it makes it fun and exciting for you to plan your Dreams vacation. Here are some of the exciting features that you will find:

  • “Find Your Perfect Resort Tool”: This is an interactive feature that helps you to choose the Dreams Resort & Spa that is best suited for you. The perfect resort for you will be chosen based on your location, legnth of travel, preferred resort atmosphere, and favorite activities that you like to enjoy on vacation!
  • Special Events Calendar: If you’re traveling to any of our resorts, you’ll be able to look ahead at this calendar and see what events are in store for you. This includes information on holiday celebrations, and is full of images from previous celebrations at all of our resorts!
  • “Pin It” Tool: If you like any of our images on our site, you can “Pin It” directly to your Pinterest boards. Its fun and easy!
  • New Photos and Videos Page: We have a page for each Dreams Resort & Spa that is entirely dedicated to resort images. Testimonial videos can be found on each page, featuring guests who will tell you all about the resort you’re interested in!
The New "Find Your Perfect Resort" Tool!

The New “Find Your Perfect Resort” Tool!

And don’t forget about our special Fall in Love with AMResorts promotion! You can enjoy up to 30% off when you visit your favorite Dreams Resort & Spa, along with exciting extras. Hurry – offer ends December 22nd!

6 thoughts on “Discover the All-New!

  1. We just got done staying at this resort. We have been to many resorts in Mexico, so therefore we are very spoiled but I will say we where very disappointed with the food and the fact that the brochure suggested there was ruffle 8 restaurants and in fact there was only 3. Our rooms were hard to get cleaned and nothing really stood out as far as even leaving some flowers on the bed like most other hotels do. Breakfast was a shame, to get bacon was like pulling teeth, there was none and if you asked you might have gotten a slice. The people were not happy to serve you at the restaurants but they were good bartenders, that was a plus. All in all it was a huge disappointment and we will never go back, we rate Dreams Hotel 3 star if that.

  2. WORST PLACE EVER IN PUERto VALLARTA!! Service SUCKED!! Drinks were watered down and the food gave us stomach flu and diarrhea. We were promised that our service would have improved but didn’t and to top it off, the Assistant to the General Manager, IVETTE ERIKA PAZ-CHAVEZ does not know how to keep her nasty hands to herself and she loves other people men! She should be ashamed of herself running around with a married man for over a year and then after he went home to his wife she still ran after him to top it off we stayed in Mexico and she tried to ruin our vacation everywhere we went! I am going to the Carribean next time and guess I still have my husband after she tried to ruin my marriage and she is not a good person at all…..FIND ANOTHER PLACE TO STAY!!! Dreams is a thumbs down!!

  3. I did notice the same thing about the service and Laura, I hope you got your peace and hopefully this so-called woman does that work there anymore. What a shame I wanted to go here but I guess we will stay somewhere else because that is bad business! Hopefully this woman Ivette learned her lesson…..what a shame she was always smiling but only to want your man! WOW! How sad!

  4. I have been to this resort in 2011 and 2012 it was beautiful minus the 2-star dining and hospitality of some of the staff. I have stayed at better resorts in South America!! I was rather annoyed that I read that Ivette ERIKA Paz-Chavez was a man-stealer! I am a man writing this and I saw her once doing yoga and she was always smiling at my husband asking him if he wanted to really go see PV! I told her that was rather forward and she smiled and walked away saying that she had a man named Saul. I am shocked to read this blog and I now know that she had a married man and now I realized she flaunted her adulterous relationship and had no shame. She often bragged about the numerous paid bills, airplane fare, gifts, flowers and jewelry she received to us at the beach all from a married man! I am never going back here and we are heading to Cabo next time because of this scandalous behavior of this employee and I hope she reads this blog and is embarrassed because we know her face! BTW Ivette needs a new swimsuit! She has been wearing the same one for years!!
    I hear Cabo treats GAY Men so much better and the women know better on that side of Mexico! c’est la vie……DOM

  5. Wow! I guess this woman Ivette Erika Chavez gets around and no one bothers to check this blog! I am appallled that this resort even employs people with adulterous characteristics especially for a Manager!! I for one love coming to Mexico to vacation and this place was on my list to visit but after reviewing all the details I am most definitely going to Cabo! Maybe even hit the Carribean after all I have been reading. I really hope this Hotel starts acting like a five star resort and spa rather than a Motel 6 in the US. FIRE HER AND MAYBE I WILL COME TO STAY AND I WANT A FREE NIGHT FOR EXPRESSING MY OPINION!!

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