It’s Whale Shark Season: Dive at Dreams Puerto Aventuras!

At Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa, there are plenty of family-friendly activities for guests to enjoy! If you love exploring exciting underwater worlds with a variety of colorful fish and species in the Riviera Maya and Cozumel, be sure to check out Gold Palm Certified Diving Center by Pro Dive Mexico, right on property! No need to book in advance… walk right up and we’ll book a variety of exciting nearby dive and snorkel tours for you.

If you’re visiting Dreams Puerto Aventuras between May 15th and September 15th, you’ll get to experience Whale Shark Season! If you don’t know anything about these awesome creatures, read 6 exciting facts below (and check out these cool pics):




  1. They’re longest fish on the planet!
  2. They look like whales, but they surprisingly aren’t related!
  3. They can reach up to 46 ft/14 m and up to 20.6 tons in size!
  4. They typically feed off plankton, squids, krill and small fish!
  5. They possess about 3,000 tiny teeth (but they aren’t used for eating)!
  6. They swim by moving their bodies from side to side!

Don’t miss out – BOOK your trip by May 28th for a stay this summer!

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