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Michelle Barry


An amateur foodie, there’s nothing I love more than trying new restaurants with my friends and family. Who doesn’t love good company and great food? But while I find almost everything to be delicious, I just can’t help myself around sweet treats! And the only thing bigger than my sweet tooth is my appetite for travel!

I wanted the opportunity to fully immerse myself in another culture so I packed my bags and headed to Ireland. While visiting the many sites of the beautiful country, I fell head over heels for travel. Lo and behold, a few years later I found myself working in the tourism industry!

Overwhelmed by the amazing options we have? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you pick out which suite to book, which restaurant to try first, and what drinks will have you swimming back up to the bar for more! Because an Endless Privileges®, Unlimited-Luxury®, and an Unlimited-Fun® vacation will always leave you dreaming! 


Courtney Pugh

Born and raised in a small town I always knew one thing growing up…”I Need To Get Out of Here!!!” Sorry Mom, but while I will always hold my rural upbringing close to heart, travel continues to be a number one goal. Traveling to different parts of the world, interacting with the local residents and experiencing what everyday life is like for people half way across the globe is something that will never cease to amaze me!

Now- planes, trains and automobiles..and the occasional donkey, have allowed me to experience a whole new world. I consider it my duty to the other small towners itching to get out, to share my experiences.

Everything from the feel of the sand on the beaches, to the taste of the authentic cuisine or the breathtaking sights from paradise, I am here for you! Experience Endless Privileges®, Unlimited-Luxury® and Unlimited-Fun®  through my eyes. Don’t believe me? Book a trip and come see of yourself!


543176_102805369860679_780346687_n[1]Zuko Garcia

I, more than anyone, understand the joy of experiencing a beautiful, passionate country because Mexico is my home! I love to share the things I love about my country with new people every day. I get to see first-hand the joy a well-deserved vacation can bring.

I’ll be giving you a first-hand account of the goings-on down here in paradise! I’ll try my best to transport you to the beaches, restaurants and spas. When you’re here, every day is a celebration and I want to give you a taste. Come visit me soon!


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  1. We are looking forward to our stay 11/27/09 to 12/05/09.
    We were told by our Apple agent that we will have a room upgrade upon arrival, but have seen on blogs this is not guaranteed. Please respond to verify the upgrade will be ours on arrival. Thank you

  2. We are really looking forward to our wedding celebrations with Dreams Puerto Vallarta. Rebecca has been been a super star wedding planner to work with; thank you for making it so easy Rebecca.

  3. My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary at Dreams Puerto Vallarta. We had never been to Mexico before and I was told that the resort we chose (Dreams PV) was THE Taj Mahal of resorts! Well my friends were right!! The environment,staff spa, FOOD, details to everything at this resort is beyond expectations..We love this resort and will be going back in January for a 2 week vacation this time..WE LOVE AND MISS YOU DREAMS PUERTO VALLARTA!!!

  4. This is how it went. We checked in, went to the bar. then the beach and ordered Tacos and Beer. The staff brought it to us on the beach while we watched the sun go down. The staff are outstanding! Anything you want or need is available. We went on ATV’s on the beach and in the Jungle, played with kids, and interacted with monkeys and swam in the fresh water jungle caverns. We went snorkeling and fished from a boat. We visited the Mayan ruins and saw the most amazing feats of construction I have ever seen. I was in heaven. Once you go, you will always want to go back.

  5. Dreams Puerto Vallarta is the place we choose to take a group of employees to as a sales incentive trip. We had a group of 24 all together. The resort was so wonderful! The staff members were all so friendly and helpful. The food was good. The highlight I think was the AMAZING private beach! I hope to plan another trip back to Dreams PV with some friends and really take in the whole experience.


  6. This is how it went. We checked in, went to the bar. then the beach and ordered Tacos and Beer. The staff brought it to us on the beach while we watched the sun go down. The staff are outstanding! Anything you want or need is available. We went on ATV’s on the beach and in the Jungle, played with kids, and interacted with monkeys and swam in the fresh water jungle caverns. We went snorkeling and fished from a boat. We visited the Mayan ruins and saw the most amazing feats of construction I have ever seen. I was in heaven. Once you go, you will always want to go back.

  7. Am planning on a vacation to Dreams La Romana Resort in Dominican Republic on October 2 through October 9 of this year 2010. Do you accept American Travelers Cheques as a form of payment at the resort for excursions and scuba diving trips? What Dive Company operates the diving trips from the resort?
    Thank you in advance,
    Linda Carman-Marley

  8. I would like to take this time to share my experience at the Dreams Puerto Avenuras Resort and Spa. Prior to my arrival, I have contacted your concierge, requesting to have my I Prefer membership added to my reservation. Also I have requested if at all possible, to have a room upgrade. Working in the hospitality industry myself, I understand that these requests are frequent, and cannot be accommodated at all times. I have booked this trip through Expedia for my mother and I as a gift. We had arranged transportation through Best Travel, who to my understanding works with Expedia. We had made 2 stops at different hotels to drop off guests that were on our shuttle. Each of the hotels were beautiful, so we were really anxious to see if we would be amazed the same way about our hotel, Dreams Puerto Aventuras. When we have arrived I can honestly say I now understand why this hotel is named Dreams Puerto Avenutras. The lobby from the entrance was gorgeous, and right away your staff rushed to get our doors and greet us. Our check in process was very quick. We then had our luggage brought to our room by the bellman, and given brief highlights of how to work the TV, DVD player and the extension of room service. We were delighted to find out that we were given an upgrade (room 555) by the concierge I have exchanged emails with named Jennifer. That night we went to Portofino’s restaurant where we had the best dinner with best service from Pablo. He showed us the wine selection, and made sure we had everything we needed. Since we ordered a bottle of wine, we decided to take it outside of the restaurant after our dinner, where you have a very spacey sitting area. Pablo right away brought us our wine in a wine stand, and an ash tray since be both are smokers. Every so often Pablo came out to empty the ash trash even though it wasn’t very full, and checked to see if we needed anything. I have never received such outstanding service! The next morning we met Mauricio, who apparently works every day, from sunrise to sunset with a 24/7 smile on his face. Mauricio made sure we always had a drink and when empty, we didn’t even need to ask for another, because there he was, with a brand new drink, AMAZING! I have been to Mexico once before, and was introduced to a beer called Sol Cervesa con Limon y Sal, which I absolutely love, and is unavailable in the US. To my understanding, your property does not have that brand available. Mauricio offered to bring me a bucket of Sol Limon, which of course I told him was unnecessary, but having this offered to me made me feel like this is the best vacation with the best service ever! Mauricio talked to a bartender name Rene, who made a Chelada especially for me, which tasted exactly like Sol Limon.

    I also wanted to mention Efrain, who is a waiter at the World Café, who also deserves a special thanks. The restaurant was packed, but yet he still was able to provide a special service, that made you feel like he was only there to serve you and your party. I also mentioned to his manager, who’s name I’m forgetting at the moment, that Efrain has amazing hospitality and communication skills. Other people that made this trip unforgettable were Ulises from Gohan Sushi Bar, Elaine who was a host in every restaurant we went to and Francisca at the Barefoot grill.

    We will be back this February with more of our family members, and will recommend it to anyone going to the Yucatan.

    Thank you to all of your employees for their unforgettable service and hospitality, they all made this trip memorable, and made us fall in love with Mexico.

    Muchas Gracias y nos vemos pronto!!!

  9. Is it necessary to make dinner reservations at Portofino, Sea Side Grill and the other restuarants at Dreams Palm Beach prior to us arriving to the resort or I will be able to walk in and be seated within a reasonable time?.

    Thank you and looking forward to our vacation.

  10. My Husband and I just got home from having our wedding @ Dreams Resort & Spa in Riviera Maya. BEST decision we could have ever made to have our wedding there!!! Everything turned out PERFECT! I have to give BIG props to Jacy (our wedding coordinator). She saved my butt because I handed her the wrong CD to play for our wedding song, so once the Bride’s maids went down the aisle, she had the DJ change the songs real quick 🙂 and GIGANTIC thanks to the Photographers @ the Photography Arte Studio!!!!! Oh my GOD! our wedding video exceeded our every expectation! They did an absolute perfect job on our pictures and wedding video!!!!!!! I can’t thank them enough!!! and I wish I could remember the lady’s name that did my hair and makeup @ the resort because I wouldn’t change one thing about it!! It turned out better than I could have ever pictured it! I absolutely loved it!!! and not to forget about our Best Day Travel planner, Ricardo! We loved Ricardo!!! He has the best personality ever! Planned our Snorkeling, Mayan Ruins, and Dolphin trips! the swimming with the Dolphins is a must 🙂
    I really have to thank every single employee working @ the Dreams Resort & Spa! Everyone was so nice and had such a great personality, the entire time! Every bartender, hostess, waiter/waitress, cooks, wedding coordinator, PHOTOGRAPHERS (the two brothers), travel planner!!!! You all can’t be thanked enough!!!!!!

    Muchas Gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Megan & Brian Anderson

    Thank You Everyone!!! for giving us the best wedding experience we could have ever had!! 🙂

  11. Hello my son and his friend that he is bringing, are 19 years old. I was curious as were they, if they will be able to consume alcoholic beverages at Dreams?

  12. Dreams Riviera Cancun: Avoid the “Marketing Presentation” like the plague. They will try everything to convince you to attend…even offer you money at their Spa (that’s how they got us). It’s way longer then they say, and way more invasive and forceful than necessary! They think their old school sales techniques are genius….it is all just really sad…and all the time you just want to be on the beach. They will tell you it’s not a time share…but trust me the only difference is what they’re callin it!!! If you’re a vegetarian I hope you like french fries…my wife had to survive on them. Otherwise the food is just average. The service staff is amazing and the rooms spectacular.

    • Agree that this hotel is not managed nearly as well as the other Dreams resorts. It is sad how bad some things are here, despite the great features and wonderful people who work there. We were pursued for half of our stay to attend the presentation, despite the fact that we told their reps that we love the hotel chain and would likely sign up if he could give us some numbers and details. He was not allowed. His job was only to get you to the presentation, In the end, we skipped the presentation after the promised rebates were cut because our presentation was moved to the last day of our stay. Our third Dreams resort will never see us again, though we still love the resorts on P.A. and P.V. We’ll try a different one next time, or return to one of the good ones.

      • I agree with the lack of initiative of the management of Dreams Cancun..we just got back from a nine day stay of which we stayed in the Preferred Tour. Room was in need of a face lift (we actually had duct tape wrapped around our shower handle). The resort area and the staff were wonderful. We did enjoy our experience, however things to be aware of…they do need to upgrade technology, TV & internet were constantly in & out..they say available premium drinks (only is you want to pay for it)..had ordered room service the last night and asked for 2 sifters(1 oz per) of Hennessy for after dinner drink…they brought me them and charged me over $90 for those two. The lack of initiative or extra touch was missing, I guess we got spoiled at other experiences we have had, ex. last year the last nite we had a flower petal room waiting for us along with a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries (talked about leaving with a great impression). Just constructive criticism for resort with an outstanding staff and beautiful layout.

  13. Dreams La Romana – I just returned from my third stay in one of the dreams and secrets resorts – must recently in march at secrets in Rivera Maya which was beautiful! I was so disappointed in the Dreams in La Romana!! My husband, myself and another couple arrived on Sunday, oct 23rd for a 4 night getaway. Upon arriving in my room, I was very disgusted! The shower was rusty and the bathroom was gross with dirty floors. My friends’ room looked the same so I suspected that all the rooms were the same. The odor in the rooms in the afternoon was awful! Two mornings we were awaked by the sound of construction in the room above us at 630 am. The staff was not as friendly as the other resorts I have visited. There was no drink service at the pool on the first three days – we had to go to bar to get drinks while laying at the pool and the wait at the bar was long. No drink service in the casino either except on the last day! Asked casino employees to play 3 card poker which was closed and would not open for us! Also we were harassed several times a day to talk about timeshares – I am on vacation to relax and not to be continuously be harassed about seeing other resorts. Also on the first day at the pool the sewer was being cleaned near us and the odor was terrible! can’t this be done in the evenings when no one is around? While having dinner at the French restaurant, my husband was asked to leave after sitting there for over an hour because he had flip flops on!!!! The hostess could not have told us this?? The food was not as good as we all expected. We spoke with other guests who felt the same.

    The pools and the beach were beautiful – I just wished the resort was. I will not be visiting your resorts again due to this experience.

  14. MAGICAL week at Dreams Puerto Vallarta you are not a 5 star but a 10 in our books from the smiles when we first arrived to the hugs when we left. We went down with a wedding group of 61 (10 under the age of 3) and everything was first class the food was amazing, the entertainment every night was spectacular. We totally totally enjoyed every little aspect that your amazing staff did for all of us. Eduardo in the Preferred tower lounge was a man that has such class and a personality that is so superior (he has been there for 17 years) a true gem. Antonio you were so good to us (our concierge) and alot of fun. My fiance and I are both so touched by everything and can HONESTLY say that DREAMS will always be our First choice when travelling again you CANNOT get any better. Thanks for such an amazing visit hope to see you again one day 🙂

  15. Yes, Dreams Puerto Valkarta is paradise! We have been there 4 times since last January and once to Dreams Villanagna. Each time we go we bring people with us. This last trip in September we brought 4 people!! And it was my daughter and her fiancé. They have now decided to get married at Dreams PV in Sept 2012!!! However I feel that returning loyal guest should be given some kind of loyalty reward…for example a free room upgrade. I have inquired about this before and gotten no response back. I think that after my daughters wedding we will be trying out other resorts. Not that we don’t like Dreams PV but we have spent a huge amount of money visiting the resort exclusively and last visit we had to pay for an upgrade which I honestly didn’t think was fair .

  16. We just stayed at the Dreams Punta Cana for our daughters wedding the week of Dec 3rd 2011. Wow, what a great experience. The property was amazing , the staff felt like family, and the food was fantastic. We planned the wedding with Mrs. Carolyn Guzman , a true professional , a breath of fresh air ,and someone who truly cares. Can’t wait to go back.


  18. We went to Dreams Puerto Avenuras Resort for our first trip and 25th wedding anniversy and I agree they make you so welcome and tend to every need perfectly. We loved our vacation there so much when we came home we started saving for this year where we went to Dreams palm beach punta canta the resort was beautiful and the beach perfect. the staff was great and our room very nice but it was not the same level as Dreams Puerto Avenutras nor were the drinks as good. having said that we are already planning our next dreams vacation for next february and are looking at dreams tulum or we were told there is one opening in costa rica so maybe there the concierge in punta canta is supposedly sending us a certificate for an additional 2days 1 night at any dreams so we can stay a little longer somewhere but definitely a dreams resort vacation for us

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  20. Just had an AMAZING wedding for one of my brides at DREAMS PALM BEACH. Everything except for rain 5 minutes prior to the ceremony was great, WONDERFUL to be exact. I reminded my bride that RAIN ON THE WEDDING DAY is considered good luck! over 60 guest and a very happy BRIDE & GROOM – my job is complete!
    Your Travel Concierge of Naples – AMResort MasterAgent

  21. Wow! My wife and I just got back from our Circle k Trip to Dreams Puerto Adventtura. This is the place to go.

    The all inclusives are terrific! The food and beverages are plentiful and excellent. The World cafe is informal. Breakfast lunch and dinner, it is a great place to eat. Waiters: Juan one (the elder) is really on top of his game. Juan two (the younger) is personally focused on your dining pleasure.
    Juan two (I apologize but I never got his last name. Everyone was so friendly, I feel like first names were all that were needed.) Juan realized we wanted ice cream. He immediately left the cafe and went over to ANOTHER restaurant and made us the most delicious parfaits ever! Now THAT is service. He noticed I was feeling a little under the weather and made his special “green juice”. That perked me up.

    There were some maintenance issues with our rooms but in a place this size, theer will always be some. The concierge and his crew addressed all issues quickly and efficiently.

    There is a grey area in what is included and not included that was tested by some photographers and a sweet little burro. I don’t think the burro was in on the scam but, the photographers were very pushy and did not give prices until AFTER the shots were taken. They left the impression that those photos were part of the package. They were not and I complained to the concierge. The noise from all the activities is much less on the marina side, so if you like it quieter, I suggest you get those rooms. The music stops mostly around 10:30 pm or later. on the sea side.

    There are lots of excursions that are not included but well worth the money you pay. The dolphin experience is pricey but exciting.

    I loved this vacation and would gladly go there again. Viva l’ Dreams a Puerto Adventura!

  22. Hi, my husband and I have four children and are considering an all-inclusive vacation for winter 2013. I find it very difficult to navigate the web site to see if it’s even possible for us to stay on any of your resorts. I’m wondering if you could please help me? I’m interested in finding out which resorts are better suited to children (aged 10, 4{twins} and 3) and what room configurations are available? Thank you, Sarah

  23. The hospitality was exellent. That is until I checked out. I was asked to pay $50 for “phone” usage. They said I made a call outside and it was 20 minutes. That was questionable since I did not make any calls outside. So I asked about it. They asked me if I made any calls outside, and I told them the only calls I made was to the front desk. 20 minutes later or so, I was “allowed” to leave. When we got to the front gate, they refused to open the gate and asked us to go back to the hotel. When I got back to the hotel, they “night manager” came out and said I had to pay because I was a liar. He said I asked this gentleman (a guy I don’t know who) to transfer me to this number (he pointed to a number). Then he continued to say I was a liar and said “I do not want you in my hotel, you must pay the bill and leave”. First, I did not lie, I wanted to know what I was paying for, second the only “transfer” I got was to a number that was to the wrong place. I had called the front desk and asked how I could check into my flight and they said let me find out… and before I knew it I heard on the phone, “if you have a lost baggage, please stay on the line…” I did not so I waited a few minutes hoping to talk to someone, but no one ever got on the line so I hung up. According to them, that was a transfer (I’m unaware) but if they had just told me that then I am ok to pay for that. However the “night Manager” just came out and accused me of lying, yelling and insulting me. I only stayed at the hotel for a total of 13 hours and really wanted to go back, but after this, I definetely would never go back and never would recommend to any of my family or friends. The “nightly Manager” name was Junior S…

  24. I LOVE the Dream resorts. We were there with our kids and I fell in love with the green juice. Is there any way to recreate this at home?

  25. woooww me encanto el hotel disfrute los 4 dias con mis hijos los cuales se diviritieron y disfrutaron d las hermosas instalaciones del dreams pto aventuras el kids club excelente las chicas muy lindas y ni q decir del capitan d meseros el sr juan excelente servicio todosss en general muy muyy serviciales todos amenazamos con volver NOS ENCANTOOOOOOO FELICIDADES A TODOS

  26. Never stay at dreams in Punta Cana!!! I am 56 yrs. old and by far this was the worst vacation we have ever been on! My twins for their 30 birthday was this trip. It was their first all inclusive trip and I told them it would be awesome. Much to my disappointment they thought I had made up all the luxury about the food and aaccommodations even after sending info from their web site. I only wish that not another person or family has an experience as awful as ours.

  27. Watch out for the Unlimited Vacation Club SCAM that is going on at AMR resorts! What a rip-off. AMR you should be ashamed of your selves for allowing this to happen to your customers!!!

  28. We visited NOW Jade Riviera and NOW Larimar, and Dreams Puerto Adventuras in March 2014, and all were fabulous. We were made to feel special from the moment we arrived. We Chose Dreams Los Cabos for our 20th wedding anniversary and took guests, and it was less than stellar. Nothing premium at all where food, drinks or services were concerned. I lost weight while there and that has never happened during vacation. No free connectivity like in Puerto Adventuras. I completed the online survey and submitted a lengthy detailed email to the management concerning my issues, to which I received no reply. The vacation experience begins and ends with management and they apparently could careless. With that said, we will likely not risk any more of our hard earned money at other resorts in the Dreams or NOW resort family, and I can only hope the issues which need addressing at the resort are indeed addressed!

  29. I have a question regarding an upcoming group booking ( sixth room free.) The Dreams booking agents have been lovely and have assured me that the refund for the sixth room will be forthcoming – I’d just like to have this verified in our particular situation. We’ll be staying at Dreams Sands- with whom should I correspond regarding this?

  30. Thanks , I have recently been searching for information approximately
    this subject for ages and yours is the best I
    have found out so far. But, what in regards to the bottom
    line? Are you positive in regards to the supply?

  31. My wife and I just returned from our honeymoon at Dreams Palm Beach, and it was awesome!

    My one question is, who was the sultry female singer I kept hearing on the sound system? She did covers of “Live and Let Die”, “The Wall”, and “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”.


  32. I recently got back from my wedding that I had planned for 32 people at the Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort and Spa. I was under the impression that I booked my wedding at not only a family resort but at a wedding resort as well! I have never been so WRONG! The night of my wedding rehearsal dinner, I had made reservations for 20 people to eat at the Oceana restaurant. When we came down at 8 pm to meet for dinner I had my 10 month old and 10 year old with me and the manager refused to seat us at that restaurant for dinner. He told me no children! Family resort?? I don’t think so! Then another night we attempted to go back to that restaurant on a night that children were apparently allowed with reservations again for 14. The table was set for 12 and the manager made more condescending comments to me about how he was accommodating me, what an inconvenience it was to do this for us and they don’t ever do this for people, as well as then taking 3 hours to serve us dinner with a 10 year old and 10 month old at the table. Another night at the sushi restaurant my very small group of only 6 people each ordered 2 sushi rolls a piece. We had delivered to our table the first 6 rolls, so we thought…. After approximately 40 minutes we asked the waiter where our other rolls were that we had ordered. (during this waiter taking our order a member of our group asked him if he was even writing our order down, apparently it looked as if he was not) He said “No more rolls, you are done.” My friend got up to complain to the manager of the hotel, she came down and asked me why one of the people from the my party complained. Now this was day 5 of absolutely horrible dinner service EVERY single night. I told her this was the worst service I have ever had and would never recommend this resort to anyone who was having a wedding party come or anyone at all. She offered me a dinner at the Oceana again and I told her, that was the place with the worst attitudes and worst service I had this far in our trip. She did nothing to make anything better and walked away. Every night at the resort it took them over 3 hours to serve our group, they never brought appetizers or took our drink orders, we had to go to the closest bar and get our own. Unfortunately for everyone out there the wedding coordinator was absolutely amazing!!! But I would never recommend this resort to anyone with more than 6 people coming with them. After I got home I added up the amount of money that my party alone brought into this resort (31 people x $952 per person = $29,512) that was almost $30,000 that we contributed to the income of this resort in 7 days. I am not only very sad that I had to deal with this during my wedding trip get away but that I also planned this and asked my friends and family to come and have to deal with this horrible service. On our very last night my sister-in-law went to management and told them that we were having horrible service, no drinks and no bread after over an hour of being seated. Finally someone came down in a white suit to observe, and with some miracle we got to see exactly what this resort was capable of (multiple waiters, bread and drinks delivered, dinner served within 30 minutes and a few tricks done by the wait staff! We did have great service at the Seaside grill one night but had to pay the chef to cook the fish we caught! I am sad that this potential was there all along and instead I spent the week of my wedding dealing with poor attitudes, condescending comments and very poor service. Wish I would have booked this important part of my life at another resort!

  33. Buenos días,

    Podría por favor enviarme un numero de tel para comunicarme con el hotel Dreams de Costa Rica?


  34. “The Best Birthday Excursion !!!! and Dreams Puerto Aventuras Made It Possible”

    We planned a surprise milestone birthday and WOW..Dreams Puerto Aventuras made it all possible. The staff accommodated me from abroad and upon arrival we received a cool towel, glass of wine with exceptional check in. We must give kudo’s to all the staff Jennifer, Ingrid, Mildred who assisted with our Private Room, Alejandro with ensuring our food menu’s were ON TOP, the fabulous Chef that (Baked our cakes), Jessica/Sergio were excellent and our own private bartenders each night for both private parties. Thanks to Franciso w/breakfast and the entire morning staff. Also the Manager at the Theater with the illusion show/majic show and WOW Ted the comedian was awesome.!!!! Thanks Everyone!!!

    You all are wonderful the best vacation this year…Wonderful hospitality Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts…We’re so appreciative and your hotel exemplifies the meaning of true customer centricity.

    Thanks on behalf of me and my entire family.

  35. puerto adventurous was our first resort vacation and the start of a love affair with the dreams resort lines we thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of our stay at dreams for puerto adventuras and thank Nicole at Elgin Travel every time for sending us there for our first experience

  36. Acabamos de estar mi esposa y yo en el secrets Huatulco en el bello estado de Oaxaca y fue una experiencia muy placentera, la comida, las bebidas, los servicios en general fueron de primera, pero lo más sobresaliente fueron los servicios que presta el personal que trabaja en el hotel, siempre dedicados a hacernos sentir muy cómodos. Espero regresar pronto.

  37. estoy muy enojado, cancelé mi reservación me penalizarón y ahora no me quieren devolver mi dinero, son unos ladrones *****no vayan a estos hoteles***, de todos modos estaré poniendo mi queja y experiencia en todas las redes sociales, hasta que me devuelvan mi dinero

  38. Arrived yesterday after a gruelling long haul flight with our two sons aged 7 and 1 year old. After a lovely check in we were assured that a crib was on route to our room for our baby Unfortunately 4 hours later and it hadnt arrvived despite us being constantly told by housekeeping that it was on its way to us. We were them informed by the management that no crib was infact available for our son, as the only two in the hotel were broken. by this point wehad a very tired and unhappy baby in need of some sleep
    The attitude of the manager José was bitterly dissapointing, advising us to just put him in a bed despite our concerns about the height and him falling out. not the standards or start to our holiday we had expected from Dreams

  39. Hola!
    Yo NO he tenido buenas experiencias
    Desgraciadamente Siempre Venden de mas para la capacidad de las instalaciones del horel : NUNCA hay lugares disponibles en los camastros de las albercas, ni en la playa, cuando quieres RENTAR un camastro de cama SIEMPRE estan sepatados para determinados clientes ( yo creo que les dan mas de propina) cuando se tratade un Hotel todo incluido , la comida está más o menos Hoy al pedir mi desayuno 🍳 atras una cucaracha 😖
    En mi cuarti NO hay luz en las lamparas y en la eefadera se trono la visagra
    En fin NO reconendable

  40. Hola!
    Yo NO he renido buenas experiencias en esre hotel
    NUNCA encuentro lugar en los camastros de las albercas ni de la playa y los meseros NI quitan las toallas que por respeto a los huespedes los cuales tardan casi todo el día en volver
    Al pedir mi desayuno 🍳 habia una cucaracha
    Quise rentar un camastro en la playa y siempre te dicen que estan reservados por huespedes ( sus Vips que les eehan mucha propina)
    En mi cuarto NO hay luz en la parte de los buros y lámparas
    Tuve que pagar EXTRA para tener cuartos juntos

  41. This hotel was lacking in my list of the DREAMS chain. It’s good too, but do not count on the family hotel concept of the other resorts. It looks like a SECRETS, since half of their pools are for adults only. The problem is that families are assigned to rooms in front of these pools. Notifying that children can not enter as adults start to do their “things” (illegal believe). Imagine these scenes seen from those balconies for children !!!. Not a complaint, but a hotel epic fail!! Other thing. The all inclusive concept does not apply well with everyone. As many beach or pool attendees expect only the tip, or forget about your drinks. So you can not leave your room without your wallet !!!
    One last comment… Missing a necessary central snack stand!!!

  42. When making a reservation, do we have to prove our kids ages with passports? My kids are small (size) so don’t need as much room but older than 12 so count as adults by Dreams rules. Can I give younger ages? Thoughts?

  43. Hello…I am hoping you can help me out. I had the pleasure of staying at the Dreams Los Cabos a couple of years ago. I enjoyed the spa facility. However, one of the technicians introduced me to a cream that made a scar on my face completely disappear. Since then, I have another scar that I would like to have disappear as well. Is there a way I can get a list of the products they sell in the spa. I know I would recognize the name of the product. Any assistance with this request would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  44. Can you tell me.. I have heard rumors.. dreams la romana is merging with playa/Hilton, and they are doing renovations while we are there and to the rooms we are staying in. do you know anything on this?

  45. Fuimos a cenar la última noche al restaurante Porto Fino en el Dreams de Huatulco y la verdad bastante decepcionado por la comida.
    Aparte de que estaba todo frío, las porciones por cada platillo son extremadamente minúsculas.
    Con algunas personas son exigentes con el código de vestimenta, en mi caso me obligaron a utilizar una camisa con cuello, pero a otras personas las dejaron pasar con una ropa que no cumplía el código de vestimenta.
    En fin… pésimo.
    Los meseros, el servicio, absolutamente todo.
    No lo recomiendo.

  46. Just returned from Dreams Huatulco from our stay over xmas with the whole family (14) .. everyone is still talking about the great time had by all
    The resort offered everything we expected and so much more. The room service is to die for .. huge portions, great service, delivered fresh and on time .
    Of all the restaurants, the only one lacking was actually the mexican one, with slow service, and mediocre food selection. Even the outdoor mexican buffet was nothing special or memorable when expectations were for something more authentic .. even a taco bar somewhere on the resort would have been a nice touch
    But this is only one small element which the resort offers.. everything else was exceptional !!
    5 stars for sure ..

  47. Dreams hotels have come to take the all-inclusive concept further.

    Long ago there was a bad perspective on this type of hotel, but now you have managed to combine luxury, exclusivity and comfort in all-inclusive hotels.

    I wish you many more years of success

  48. Estimado equipo del Hotel Dreams Macao.

    Para nosotros fue un gusto conocer su hotel, gracias a Joan como operador telefónico tuvimos la suficiente información y detalles para decidir visitarlos, estábamos buscando temas puntuales como tamaño del hotel, Río lento y parque, además de salones para niños o jóvenes, los cuales los disfrutamos y pasamos bien gracias también a Ezequiel, Beyonce, Felicidad, Randy mas Juan Carlos y Alberto en la recepción entre otros…ellos hicieron que nuestra estadía fuese muy especial en cada momento que interactuamos con ellos y en los espacios donde ellos trabajan, sin contar que su cordialidad y atención se daba en cualquier momento que los encontrábamos, incluso nos ayudaron a resolver una necesidad de carga que necesite para mi equipo móvil y atender mi trabajo.

    La única dolorosa y molesta situación, fue la presentada en el cuarto asignado 1322 donde al parecer por falta de mantenimiento o ajuste las luces se fueron y empezaron con un sube y baja tipo cortocircuito, que causó quedarnos sin luz y aire por un tiempo demasiado largo, esta condición no hubiese sido de mayor envergadura de no ser porque esa fecha era que estábamos haciéndola especial para la celebración del cumple de mi hija Catalina, la cual fue la motivación para ir a hotel, pues como familia hemos decidido que los cumpleaños serán celebrados en un hotel para estar más integrados y disfrutar mucho más.

    Mi hija luego del día de playa y piscina quería bañarse, arreglarse y ponerse de acuerdo a la celebración para salir a ver el show, cenar donde habíamos reservado que era el restaurante Japonés y caminar un poco por las áreas, pero debido a la falta de luz, debió bañarse a oscuras, no pudo arreglarse el cabello y otras cosas más propias de las chicas de 13 años que pretendía hacer junto con su madre, más el susto tan grande que pasamos cuando empezó a subir y bajar la luz y nosotros mojados recién llegados de las áreas del hotel. Lo que causó no solo molestia, sino una frustración y mal genio propia de una esperanza que se tenía y que la cual se dio, pero no como esperaba.

    Además, cuando enviaron el técnico, abrió, revisó y se fue, sin más notificación o datos, no pudo indicarnos cuánto se demoraría, o un diagnóstico del daño y después de un buen tiempo fue que regresó, allí nos indicó que estaba algo suelto.

    Un saludo cordial para todos, ojalá puedan resolver esos temas para evitar sustos o riesgos a los huéspedes…

    Otra oportunidad de mejora fueron los restaurantes en servicio para el día lunes.

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