Toy Drive at Dreams Puerto Aventuras

Throughout their stay, guests at Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa get to experience Unlimited-Luxury® in every form from gourmet meals and unlimited premium beverages to 24-hour room services and live nightly entertainment. However, just a few miles down the road in the traditional Mayan community of San Juan de Dios, there are many children who aren’t so fortunate. This is our call to you to help us make a difference in the lives of these kids—all you have to do is leave a little room in your suitcase between the suntan lotion and swim trunks!

We are asking for all guests traveling to Dreams Puerto Aventuras to participate in our annual Toy Drive by bringing a new toy to donate (one that doesn’t require batteries) before April 30, 2014, or as it is known in Mexico, the Day of the Child. We will be delivering all received toys to the children in San Juan de Dios and, as you can see in the photos from last year’s Toy Drive, the joy these toys brings them is immeasurable.

3.20.14 Dreams Toy Drive

San Juan de Dios, located near the archaeological site of Tulum, is truly a step back in time. The people are traditional in their Mayan beliefs and customs. They still retain the Mayan language and even participate in Mayan festivals that date back to more than a thousand years ago. About 350 children reside in this modest community, where the main source of income is artisanal honey production. Dreams Puerto Aventuras has this special honey available for sale within our gift shop in order to support this community.

We’re counting on our fans to help us make this year’s Toy Drive our best ever! Spread the word to any family or friends that might be taking a trip to Dreams Puerto Aventuras this spring and on social media as well using the hashtag #ToyDriveDPA. We appreciate the help and can’t wait to see all the happy, smiling faces at this year’s Day of the Child!

Dreaming of Dolphins – at Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa and Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa

Here at Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa and Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa, we have something that most all inclusive resorts don’t have on property – dolphins! There is something about these awesome sea creatures that we just can’t get enough of. They’re sweet (and sassy at times), smart and sensitive – some of the best qualities that mammals can have. Since our dolphins are a huge hit with our guests, we decided to interview two dolphin trainers at Dreams Cancun & Dreams Puerto Aventuras. They gave us the inside scoop on what their jobs are like!

Sandra from Delphinus Dreams Cancun at Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa!

Sandra from Delphinus Dreams Cancun at Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa!

Our featured dolphin trainer from Delphinus Dreams Cancun is Sandra Guerra Molina, a Cancun native. Sandra has been with us for the last 8 years, and she has been such a pleasure to have on board. At Dolphin Dreams in Dreams Puerto Aventuras, we chose to feature Leila Zukkour Perez from Mexico City. Leila has been at Dreams Puerto Aventuras for only 2 months, but she has been with Dolphin Dreams for the past 4 years. We asked Sandra and Leila some questions, and here is what they had to say:

Dreams: Why did you want to be a dolphin trainer?

Sandra: I love animals (especially dolphins) and I’ve always wanted to work with them and take care of them.

Leila: I love the opportunity to interact with dolphins and observe/change their behaviors.

Dreams: What is your favorite part about your position and why?

Sandra: My favorite part of my job is learning everything that there is to know about dolphins, including their natural behaviors. I also love to teach our guests about them and watch them swim together, especially with kids. I’ve shared so many special moments training dolphins, and I’ve witnessed so many of them with our guests!

Leila: My favorite part of the job is that I get to not only work with the dolphins, but also with the other trainers, photographers, and the resort staff. We are a big, happy family!

Dreams: Who is your favorite dolphin that you work with, and why?

Sandra: My favorite dolphin is Waay. He is so smart, active, and he challenges me every day.

Leila: My favorite dolphins are Aitana and Carelo, because they were the first 2 baby dolphins that I had the opportunity to train.

Dreams: Tell me one fun fact about dolphins that we may not already know.

Sandra: Dolphins produce more than 3,000 different sounds through their blow-holes! Also, they form close bonds and relationships with each other (just like us)!

Leila: Dolphins are very considerate of each other when it comes to different behaviors. For example, when dolphins are doing a foot-push together (, they wait for each other to make sure that one is not left behind!

Dreams: Tell me about your best memory you’ve had working for your dolphinarium.

Sandra: I formed such a strong bond with one of the dolphins that I was training, that she became very attached to me at one point, and it felt really special for me. Also, my favorite memories are teaching little kids about the dolphins and watching them swim together – its always so cute to watch!

Leila: There was an 8-year old guest that visited once that had an allergy to salt water, but he had dreamed of swimming with the dolphins since he could remember. We made a special program just for him so that he could be in a kayak and still be able to have similar interactions with the dolphins, as if he were swimming in the water with them. It made me so happy to see this child happy!

Dreams: Why would you recommend that guests have the dolphin experience when they visit Dreams Cancun or Dreams Puerto Aventuras?

Sandra: Guests should do Delphinus when they visit, because they will learn all about these incredible mammals. They will learn awareness about protecting animals and the ecosystem as well, which I think is very important. There aren’t many places where you can actually swim with dolphins – so here’s your perfect opportunity to do so!

Leila: Not all of the hotels have a dolphinarium outside of it, where you can look outside of your room’s balcony and see these awesome creatures interact in the water. Also, you can do other things with dolphins other than just swimming, such as kayaking.

Our featured trainer, Leila, from Dolphin Dreams at Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa!

Our featured trainer, Leila, from Dolphin Dreams at Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa!

Visit the Dreams Cancun and Dreams Puerto Aventuras dolphin experience pages to learn more about the dolphinariums!

Dolphin Experience at Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa

Dolphin Experience at Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa (Don’t forget about our Free Fall, Free Swim promotion – it ends August 31st!)

Free Fall, Free Swim at Dreams Puerto Aventuras

Freefall Free Swim003

Ever dream of swimming with the dolphins?  Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa has a special offer for you that is really creating a splash!  Now at Dreams Puerto Aventuras, both kids and adults are provided with a special deal to enhance their dolphin swim experience.  This promotion offers the following to guests:

  • Kids 12 and under receive a complimentary swim with the dolphins
  • Adults receive a complimentary dolphin swim program upgrade

This offer is combine-able with our already running Free Fall promotion, which offers free nights, free kids stays and free resort coupons to guests.  And if you haven’t already, be sure to play our Drop and Win game on Facebook for a chance to instantly win a free 5-day stay or a free 3-night stay at any Dreams Resort & Spa!

Hurry up and book, because this offer ends on July 31, 2013.  You can learn more details about our Free Fall, Free Swim promotion on our Special Offers page or on our Dolphin Dreams page.  Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience!

ff main pic

Free Fall is back! Free nights, free kids, free coupons!

The Free Fall promotion is back and has great offers just for you! When you reserve your minimum three-night vacation to any Dreams Resort & Spa, you will enjoy every third night of your stay for free! Plus, up to two kids stay free, and you will be treated to up to $400 in resort coupons to use on things such as spa treatments, romantic dinners, bottles of wine and more!  For more information, head over to the Special Offers page on the Dreams website.

Plus, play our Drop & Win game on any Dreams Facebook page where you will be entered to win a three-night stay or you may possibly be the lucky, instant winner of a five-night stay!

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Free Fall by AMResorts®

Free Fall by AMResorts®

Dreams Puerto Aventuras is better than ever!

Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa just got a lot splashier with some brand new activities and amenities!

Dolphin Dreams by Dolphin Discovery is coming to Dreams Puerto Aventuras on November 1st! Our very own on-site dolphinarium is the newest and largest in the Riviera Maya and offers fun for all ages. You can observe, interact and swim with our friendly and inquisitive residents – six dolphins and two manatees! Dolphin Dreams is also the only place in the region where you can kayak with dolphins.

Plus, for a limited time, we’re offering a special Dolphin Dreams Experience Package, where children 1 to 7 years old can swim with the dolphins for free and kids 8 to 12 swim with the dolphins for half price. To learn more about the Dolphin Dreams Experience package, click here.

The Explorer’s Club for kids has added brand new thrilling activities based on nature and the Mayan culture. Kids now enjoy releasing baby turtles into the sea, taking cooking classes from our Executive Chef and more! You can learn more about these brand new activities and others at our Explorer’s Club page.

Introducing Unlimited Connectivity! With our complimentary Unlimited Connectivity mobile app, you can stay connected with those you are with and those at home without incurring roaming charges. Or personalize your stay by using the app to book and schedule spa appointments, tours and excursions.

Whether it’s swimming with the dolphins and manatees, new Explorer’s Club activities or Unlimited Connectivity, Dreams Puerto Aventuras has everything needed to make your vacation and stay a memorable and perfect one.