Walk for a Good Cause at Dreams Palm Beach

One of the many reasons we love our guests at Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana is that they are always happy to help the community surrounding our beautiful resort. The Dreams Palm Beach Walk for a Good Cause was no exception!

DREPBwalk for a good cause2014 (11)

Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana guests participate in the Walk for a Good Cause.

This was our first walk of this kind and everyone had a blast. There were about 20 guests and staff members that took part in this 2-kilometer walk which led us to a public school next to the hotel and then an eco-tour at the natural “La Laguna” reserve.

DREPBwalk for a good cause2014 (12)

Each participant from Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana got to tour the La Laguna wildlife refuge.

DREPBwalk for a good cause2014 (14)

Nothing like taking in a view like this after a workout! Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana guests had a wonderful time touring La Laguna.

The walk was a great opportunity to fit in some cardio exercise while supporting the local Punta Cana community. Each person paid two dollars for entry in to La Laguna which went directly to the community and at the school, guests had the pleasure of providing breakfast to an entire classroom where students welcomed them with a song and many smiles!

DREPBwalk for a good cause2014 (4)

Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana guests meet students at a nearby school.

DREPBwalk for a good cause2014 (5)

Guests from Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana were greeted with lovely songs sung by the local students!

DREPBwalk for a good cause2014 (6)

A good time was had by all at this stop on Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana’s Walk for a Good Cause.

The activity was such a success that we will be continuing to hold walks twice a week. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Walk for a Good Cause! We hope to see you again soon at Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana!

Five Tips on Taking Great Vacation Photos

Photos are the best way to share your Dreams Resorts & Spas vacation adventures with family and friends. They truly are memories that last a lifetime, which is why it’s so important that your pictures turn out as vibrant and beautiful as possible! We’ve put together five tips to help ensure you that your vacation memories with us will be picture perfect and last forever.

  1. It’s all about the camera.  Every fabulous photo begins with one thing: a stellar camera. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a professional piece of equipment to take great pictures—try a smaller, point-and-shoot camera. PCMag.com’s list of “Top 10 Digital Cameras” can help you make your decision.  Or if you have an iPhone or a Droid, now is the perfect opportunity to use the built-in camera.
  2. Take photos of whatever strikes your fancy.  Don’t feel like you have to confine yourself to only taking pictures of “touristy” spots. Walk by a small alley in town that looks like it’s straight out of a movie? Snap it. Stumble upon a sea turtle sunbathing on the beach? Get out your camera.  Take shots that define you trip, such as seashells on the beach, an adventurous excursion or your beach-side lunch.
  3. Snap as many photos as possible.  Take photos everywhere and take them often. This way, you’ll have many photos to choose from when it comes time to put together a scrapbook or a Facebook album.  If you took pictures with your smartphone, download the Instagram app if you haven’t already, and use a filter to give your favorite photos a unique effect.
  4. Shoot first, crop later.  If you cannot achieve the exact framing that you would like while taking the picture, you can always crop it down to the desired size later. Playing around with the zoom on a camera can get rather time-consuming and frustrating. Similarly, if you find an interesting section of a photo that you did see before first reviewing your pictures, don’t be afraid to crop and zoom in on it. Moments pass by quickly, and it’s important that you don’t miss them!
  5. View all of your pictures before deleting them.  This step is particularly important. There could be hidden gems in your collection of photos that you may not even be aware of!

Now that you have these great tips for taking great photos during your next vacation, don’t forget to share them with us once you return home!  Find all of our resort locations on Facebook (see below), Instagram and Pinterst!

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Make it at Home: Caribbean Sunset

From time to time, we like to share with our friends at home some our favorite drinks and recipes.  When you visit Dreams Resorts & Spas, your first stop should be the pool and ask for a Caribbean Sunset.  It will set the mood for your vacation.  If you are at home, dreaming of your next vacation, whip up this cocktail and it will send your mind sailing into the Caribbean!



Caribbean Sunset Cocktail

1 1/2 oz citrus vodka
1 oz coconut rum
2 oz pineapple juice
2 oz orange juice
1 splash grenadine syrup

Pour vodka, rum, and both juices into a martini shaker with ice. Shake until chilled. Pour into a collins glass over ice. Finish with a splash of grenadine for the sunset effect.

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A First Aid Bar at Dreams Huatulco

Dreams Huatulco Resort & Spa offers guests an array of day and evening activities for every age and interest.  We recently offered poolside visitors a unique bar concept perfect for Sunday brunch, a “First Aid Bar” featuring bloody mary cocktails!

First Aid Bar

First Aid Bar

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Wordless Wednesday!

Don’t you wish you were staring up at this right now!  We love when our guests share their personal experiences with us on Facebook.  This picture was sent from Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa in Mexico!

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Dreams Tulum

Dreams Tulum

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Taino Fridays

Kids look forward to Taino Fridays at the Explorer’s Club at Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa! Every Friday, the Explorer’s Kids learn about the history of the Taino, a group indigenous to the Dominican Republic. With the help of the Explorer’s Club staff, the kids make costumes of traditional Taino garb and parade their fashions. The fun doesn’t stop there! The Explorer’s kids also learn the Areito Dance, go treasure hunting in the jungle and, to top it all off, have a fun-filled picnic.

Next time you’re at Dreams La Romana, check out all the fun activities the Explorer’s Club has planned for your kids! They’ll have a blast!

Whale Shark Season at Dreams Cancun is Here!

Whale shark season is upon us!

During the summer months guests of Dreams Cancun Resorts & Spa have the opportunity to take part in a very special tour. The first whale shark snorkeling tour of the season will start today, May 9th, and continue throughout the summer.


Humans swim with a massive whale shark.

The whale shark tour is provided by Solo Buceo, a reputable marina located right on our property. The tour departs at 7:00 am from the marina, the boat brings up to 10 people about 12 miles off the coast of Cancun in search of whale sharks to feed near the surface.  Guests can swim with the whale sharks while snorkeling with other sea creatures. Whale sharks are considered the world’s largest living fish and are friendly in nature towards humans.

A whale shark swims below snorklers.

Guests enjoy these friendly sea giants on the tour for about 7 hours, along with beverages and a light lunch. To learn more or book your own tour during your stay, please contact our eConcierge (Econcierge.drecu@dreamsresorts.com) or stop by the activity desk at Dreams Cancun!