Leave a Green Print at Dreams Cancun

Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa has implemented many environmentally friendly programs. Leave a Green Print is the name of the resort’s campaign to encourage guests to join the staff in their efforts to conserve energy and be environmentally conscious.

Small steps make a big impact! From using room key cards made of 100% recycled plastic to monitoring water consumption, the resort is leaving a green print in the Caribbean.  Dreams Cancun promotes projects that contribute to environmental improvements.

Room Key Made of 100% Recycled Plastic

They have kept track of their efforts and last year alone they recycled over 3,450 lbs of glass.  The resort has also joined World Wildlife Fund by taking part in Earth Hour. This is a period of time where the lights are switched off for an hour in specific areas of the resort.    

Guests will see reminders of the program throughout the resort.  Various recycling bins can be found throughout the resort as well as friendly reminders in guest rooms reminding guests to minimize the number of towels and linens being used to conserve water.

The next time you visit Dreams Cancun please keep all of this in mind so that generations to come will be able to appreciate the beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula.  

Leave a Green Print Coaster Served Without a Straw

Recycling Bins Throughout Resort