Turtle Conservation Program at Dreams Puerto Vallarta

While many of you may have seen our blog posts and pictures of the turtle releases at Dreams Resorts & Spas, what we don’t always feature is the behind the scenes photos of our turtle conservation program.  There is a lot more than meets the eye from the time the mother Caray Green Sea Turtles lay their eggs on our beach to when our guests get to experience the miracle of releasing these tiny creatures back into their natural habitat.

It is one of our top priorities at Dreams Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa to ensure the continued safety of the delicate sea turtle eggs that are laid on our beach. We monitor our beaches on a daily basis for new egg nests and work with local protection agencies to carefully move the eggs out of harms way. We provide a daily hatching report to our guests once the baby turtles have emerged from their nests, giving guests the opportunity to release these precious wonders into the ocean at sunset.

Here’s a look “behind the scenes” of what takes place before a turtle release at Dreams Puerto Vallarta:

Mother Caray Green Sea Turtle comes ashore to lay her eggs

She finds the perfect spot on the beaches at Dreams Puerto Vallarta

She leaves her eggs behind in a nest on our beach

The Mother Caray Green Sea turtle returns back to the ocean

Dreams Puerto Vallarta moves the turtle eggs into nest for safe keeping


A baby sea turtle is born and ready to return home to the ocean!