First-Hand Encounter of Swimming with Whale Sharks

The season of snorkeling with whale sharks is here and we are excited to share a recent first-hand experience with you! Guests of Dreams Cancun Resort and Spa just have a short walk to the beach to Solo Buceo dive center located on the property. After an hour boat ride offshore where the gentle giants hang out snorkelers dive in and swim with the whale sharks! This is a once in a lifetime experience that you don’t want to miss.

Read about how Gringation’s blogger Laura Winfree and her husband Jorge enjoyed the excursion with Nadia, Dreams Cancun’s e-concierge:

 “When Jorge, my friend Nadia and I decided to swim with whale sharks this weekend, I was so excited but mostly nervous! I’d never snorkeled in more than 10 feet of water before, much less in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight. Or swimming alongside a 30-foot fish.

At 7 am Sunday morning, we made our way to the Solo Buceo dive center located at the beautiful Dreams Cancun Resort and Spa in the Hotel Zone. Our early-morning boat ride was much bumpier than I’d anticipated, and I realized it was my first time being so far away from shore! It was a scary but fascinating feeling.”   

Check out the photos below taken by Laura and read more about their day on her blog post.

Gringation’s Whale Shark Tour Tips:

  1. Put on sunscreen before you leave the house, or bring bio sunscreen. I was too lazy to put sunscreen on before leaving the house, and our guide told us that once you’re on the boat, it’s bio sunscreen only. And today I’m paying the price. So much sunburn. Ow.
  2. Bring an underwater camera. In a way I was glad I didn’t have one because it was one less thing to worry about while I was swimming, but trust me, you’ll want those underwater photos.
  3. The boat ride is bumpy and uncomfortable (but worth it), so I wouldn’t recommend this tour unless you’re in decent physical condition.
  4. Sunglasses!
  5. Dramamine!

For additional information about snorkeling with whale sharks please contact our e-concierge, Nadia at Since she has experienced snorkeling with whale sharks she can share even more tips with you!

Whale Shark Tour at Dreams Cancun

Guests who are interested in living on the wild side can experience an opportunity of a lifetime by swimming with the Whale Sharks during their stay at Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa. This fascinating tour is offered through Solo Buceo, a reputable marina with more than 20 years of experience located right on the Dreams Cancun property.

The Whale Shark tour departs each day at 7:00 am. The boat, which holds a maximum of 10 people, heads about 12 miles off the coast of Cancun where hundreds of these gentle giants come to feed on the waters rich with plankton.  Whale Sharks are the world’s largest living fish; they are considered harmless and are generally curious around humans. Stretching over 14 meters, Whale Sharks swim slowly near the surface which makes them easy to spot and interact with while snorkeling on the tour.

The tour lasts about 7 hours and includes beverages and a light lunch. For more information about swimming with the Whale Sharks, feel free to email our eConcierge ( or stop by our activities desk at Dreams Cancun!

Snorkel with Whale Sharks at Dreams Cancun

If you’re an avid snorkeler, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to snorkel with one of the Caribbean’s most fascinating marine animals at Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa. Throughout the summer months, Whale Sharks are found off the coast of Holbox Island near Quintana Roo. During a snorkeling excursion these awe-inspiring animals rise to the surface providing sightseers the opportunity to view them in their natural habitat.

Whale Sharks are the world’s largest living fish; they are considered harmless and are generally curious around humans. Stretching over 14 meters, the Whale Shark swims slowly near the surface of the water consuming small fish and plankton. The Whale Shark is found in tropical and subtropical oceans and along coastal regions, entering lagoons on tropical islands.

If you’re planning to visit us soon at Dreams Cancun, stop by our activities desk and they will be happy to help you arrange a Bluewater Snorkeling adventure with the premier tour and adventure provider, Solo Buceo. The excursion leaves at 7 am from the Dreams Cancun pier and takes guests nearly 12 miles off the coast of Cancun in search of the Whale Sharks. Guests who go on the snorkeling excursion also have the opportunity to see other marine animals such as sailfish, dolphins, false killer whales and silky sharks. Get your underwater cameras ready because you’re in for an adventure of a lifetime!